Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask Review

Omorovicza is a beautiful skincare range from Budapest, inspired by the Hungarian thermal waters and baths. Hungarian water is rich in minerals and has amazing healing benefits for the skin, which is what inspired founders Stephen and Margaret to create the range. I was lucky enough to meet Stephen last year and he is seriously charming; think old Hollywood movie star vibes. Stephen pronounced Omorovicza ‘om-oro-vee-za’, so that’s just how I pronounce it. Anyway, minerals can be a little hard for the skin to properly absorb, so Omorovicza patented a delivery system called Hydro Mineral Transference. Basically, Hydro Mineral Transference ensures the minerals from the Hungarian waters are penetrated deeply into the skin. Although I adore all Omorovicza products, the Deep Cleansing Mask is a standout for me.


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Go-To Skincare Review 2.0

I made my first Go-To Skincare purchase back in 2014 and wrote my first blog post about the brand early 2015. Ahh, memories. Since then, Go-To Skincare has been a brand that I repurchase time and time again. Why? Because it is so bloody good and works. I’ve had my fair share of skin problems in my time like perrioral dermatitis and serious cystic acne (ugh) and what I like about Go-To is that it doesn’t piss off my temperamental skin. Recently I have had a lot of people ask me about my thoughts on Go-To and while it’s obvious I love the brand, I thought I’d give another rundown on the prods.

Go-To Skincare was created by my absolute idol. The one and only Zoe Foster Blake. What’s not to love about Zoe? She is witty, sharp as a tack, has mad writing skills and has so much beauty knowledge to share with the world thanks to being a former beauty editor. She also gives pretty awesome dating advice (if you haven’t read Textbook Romance then I strongly recommend you do). Zoe is pretty much who I want to be in life, especially on the career front as an aspiring Beauty Journalist.

I have owned every Go-To product at some point, however I was so lucky to have received a new parcel from the Go-To team recently since they know how much I adore the brand and how many times I’ve repurchased everything. This isn’t a sponsored post – I just like to bang on about these products…


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Kim Kardashian West Beauty Creme Liquid Lipstick Review

Why is it that as soon as a Kardashian plants their name on makeup it instantly sells out? For this reason I was unable to get my hands on Kim’s lipstick collab with her sister Kylie Jenner for quite some time. My personal feelings towards the Kardashians are neutral; I don’t love them but I don’t hate them. They’ve never done anything wrong to me so I’m definitely not one to go around trashing them. I do own a fair few items from Kylie Cosmetics and I truly liked them so I was eager to get my hands on Kim’s products. One morning a few weeks ago I woke up at the crack of dawn to order both the lipsticks and contour kit from KKW Beauty (stay tuned for my upcoming contour kit review!) So, just how did these liquid lipsticks stack up?


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NEW from La Mer

La Mer is one of the most coveted beauty brands in the world. Their original Creme De La Mer Cream has gained cult status and a huge celebrity following for its healing powers and hydrating benefits. La Mer have just launched a new moisturiser option for those who perhaps do not require a moisturiser as rich as Creme De La Mer but still seek hydration. Meet the new Moisturising Matte Lotion*…


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BEAR Journal Essential Daily Vitamins

With an array of vitamins on the market it can be tricky pinpointing which ones to go for. Did you know that not all vitamins are created equal? Up until I met BEAR founders Saasha Burns and Sam Leetham recently, I was totally not aware about the importance of different quality vitamins. BEAR vitamins are high quality plant-based vitamins that are designed to easily fit into everyone’s daily beauty routine. BEAR vitamins are made in Australia from locally sourced ingredients and are developed by a team of naturopaths so you can be assured you are taking the best of the best. Also, a fixed amount from each BEAR purchase goes towards worldwide animal and conservation projects!


There are four types of BEAR vitamins that I will give you the run down on: Perform, Protect, Explore and Restore.

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Bella Bronze Tan Review + Before and After

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I recently tried out the Bella Bronze Violet Dark Choc Bronze Mousse as well as the brand’s body wash and body lotion (and if you don’t follow me on Instagram you totally should to see frequent beauty flatlays, what I receive in the mail plus other bits and pieces on my story. You’ll find me at @thegraciefiles_). Bella Bronze were so kind to send me their products to try and as usual this post is not sponsored – just my honest opinion!

As an experienced self tanner, there is a certain criteria I rate a tan on: application, colour, longevity and the removal process. So, how did the Bella Bronze tan stack up?


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