Skincare Routine!

Having a decent everyday skincare routine should be as important as eating and brushing your teeth. Our skin is our largest organ after all, so we must take care of it!

The key to having a solid skincare routine is knowing your skin type and how your skin reacts to certain ingredients. The most common skin types are: normal, combination, oily/acne prone, dry and sensitive. Sometimes people (like me) have a mixture of several skin types. This makes choosing products even more difficult, so for me my skincare routine has been an annoying, and expensive, process of trial and error. No matter what skin type you have, I think it is crucial to cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday.

Here is a little background on my own skin. I have, and have nearly always had, very oily and acne prone skin. By getting to know my skin and coming up with some kind of skincare routine, my skin has improved dramatically. As well as having oily and acne prone skin, my skin is also sensitive and is prone to react to products. Overtime I have found that my oily skin behaves better if I generally stick to products formulated for normal skin types. Too many ‘oil free’ products can strip the skin and make it produce even more oil – ugh! I have found it is best to find a balance between using ‘oil free’ products and those formulated for normal skin types.

So, onto my morning skincare routine:


– Every morning I cleanse with the Chanel Mousse Exfoliante Purete. This product has a creamy texture and has tiny beads in it, so it also gives the skin a light exfoliation. The beads are really gentle, so it is fine for everyday use. The cleanser has a fresh and clean scent, which I really like. This particular cleanser is formulated for oily skin and is meant to purify the face – which it does. Since using this product I have noticed less blackheads and whiteheads under my skin.

– Following my shower, I use the Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner, which is from Kate’s acne range. My Mum loves the Kate Somerville products, so she introduced me to them and I am so glad that she did! I love using this toner. I feel like it gives my pores that extra light cleanse and helps to smooth out and refine my skin. Products from strict ‘acne’ ranges do scare me a little because they are usually harsh and irritate my skin, although I have never gotten a reaction to this product. It is gentle, yet effective.

– The next step for me is using a light eye cream. Although I am only young, now is prime time to start looking after my skin’s appearance. The eye area should not be forgotten! I have found that the Ella Bache Creme Countour Des Yeux eye cream is a hydrating yet lightweight eye cream that is amazing underneath make up.

– For my daily moisturiser I have been using the Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme. The packaging states that this product is formulated for normal skin types. This moisturiser deeply hydrates my skin, controls my oil and does not cause me to breakout – so it’s basically a winner. Like the cleanser, it has a very fresh and clean scent. It’s the type of smell that reminds you of crisp white sheets and clean linen.

Next is my evening skincare routine:

FullSizeRender 2

– At night time I stick to the same Chanel cleanser and Kate Somerville toner.

– For intense hydration and anti-aging purposes, I use the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Serum. As I don’t have any wrinkles on my face I can’t tell if this product has done much for my skin besides help with preventing wrinkles. Prevention is the key right? Initially I bought this because my skin was going through a strange dry stage and the lady at the Clinique counter recommended this serum to me. I will use up this product although I might not repurchase it.

– I like to use a thicker eye cream at night time. Ella Bache’s Creme Speciale Yeux ticks all the boxes for me. It is thick, creamy and deeply moisturising. This is a product I will definitely re-purchase.

– Like my eye cream, I like to use a hydrating moisturiser at night time. The Ella Bache Hydra Repulp helps combat any dryness and smooths and plumps the skin without making it become oily. I was a little nervous this would break me out when I first purchased it, however I have never experienced a breakout from using this product.

Treatments and masks are little extras that can be added into your routine once you have the basics down pat:

FullSizeRender 3

– Three times a week I exfoliate with Ella Bache’s Gommage Revelateur Enzymes De Fruits. This product contains fruit enzymes that practically eat away your dead skin cells. This means it is not a harsh, ‘scrubby’, ‘beady’ exfoliator that will cause irritation and breakouts. Yay!

– On the nights I exfoliate I will do some kind of mask depending on how my skin is feeling.

I love hearing about other people’s skincare routines, so please comment yours below!

G xx


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