The Chop

Would you ever consider chopping off your locks into a chic ‘bob’?

Recently, I went for a hair consultation to chat about what I am planning on doing with my hair in a couple of weeks. I’m tired of my boring old ‘all-one-length’, blunt tresses. When I said, ‘I think I will let you do whatever you want to my hair’, the hairdresser’s eyes lit up and said, ‘I think we should do this’ and pointed to a picture of Lara Bingle’s new hair-do pictured in the image below. I think she really rocks the look. I still have a few weeks to decide if I can go this short.


What are your thoughts on this current trend?

G xx


7 thoughts on “The Chop

  1. I really like it and think it looks so chic! I’ve always admired Lara Bingle’s hair and it’s pretty much the only bob I think looks good x

    1. Yes, she always has amazing hair! I’ve copied her on several occasions but I’m not sure if I can pull this one off! x

      1. Ohwell maybe you could just try copy the highlights she has, I am in love with the highlights she has in her hair it’s such a pretty blonde x

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