What I’ve Learnt From Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is the modern Martha Stewart. She cooks, designs, decorates, models, writes – she can basically do anything. Lauren is one of my beauty idols, and I refer to her tips and tricks daily. Her two books ‘Style’ and ‘Beauty’ are always on my bedside table.


20 of my favourite beauty, make up, hair and lifestyle tips I’ve learnt from Lauren are:

1. Winged liner is appropriate no matter what occasion.
2. Wear your hair according to your face shape. If you have a squarer face like mine, side parts and wavy hair are the most flattering.
3. Experiment with hair colours and make up to find your own style. And stick to it.
4. Acne placement is important and is an indicator of your health. For example, breakouts across the forehead can be caused by stress or sleep deprivation whereas breakouts on the sides of your chin are normally linked to hormones. The side of my chin is my most problem area unfortunately.
5. Natural hair masks are your best friend. Use ingredients like coconut oil and avocado when making your own hair masks.
6. Maintain some sort of fitness routine. Basically anything that you find fun. Maybe working out at the gym is your thing, or perhaps you might prefer attending a group class.
7. Take the stairs.
8. Eat clean foods and plenty of fruit and vegetables.
9. Replace mascara and eye liner every three months.
10. Make sure to blend your foundation down your neck.
11. Too-dark lip liner is a no go.
12. Apply a shimmery lip gloss in the centre of your bottom lip and press your lips together in order to create the illusion of fuller lips.
13. False eyelashes are a friend, not an enemy.
14. Always use a heat-protectant on your hair before styling.
15. If your hair is colour treated avoid hair products that contain too much alcohol as it will dry the hair and leach out the colour.
16. Always keep well groomed, neat nails.
17. It can be fun seeking beauty inspiration from previous generations.
18. A 1″ curling iron is an essential.
19. Prenatal vitamins can help hair grow faster.
20. Own a pair of high quality tweezers.

G xx


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