Glasshouse Halloween

A couple of weeks ago I spotted something that made me so excited…

FullSizeRender 2

Glasshouse Candles has brought out a new Halloween candle! The pumpkin orange colour was what first caught my attention, and as I examined the packaging closer I realised that the scent was called ‘Pumpkin Pie’. Anyone who knows me will know that I have this weird obsession with pumpkins, cinnamon and chai. I’m completely obsessed. This candle is pumpkin and cinnamon scented and has a warm, cosy, autumn feel to it. Unfortunately, I live in Australia and Spring has just sprung, so I won’t be able to cosy up in knits and watch movies while I burn the candle. Grr. I might have to purchase another one for our winter next year. Anyway, this candle also comes with a page of stickers so you can decorate the glass of the candle.


So you can turn the candle into a Jack o’Lantern if you like, so cute!

G xx


4 thoughts on “Glasshouse Halloween

  1. WoooowπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ
    How exciting the scent of Halloween
    Spooky and delightful
    Glasshouse candles always a favπŸ’‹

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