Audrey Jibber: Stress, Tea, The Vampire Diaries, Taylor Swift + More!

Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry that I have been a little MIA lately. I have my mid semester exams starting next week at my Uni and I’ve also got a few assignments to complete. I’ve also been feeling just a little off lately – I’ve been feeling a bit stressed out and down and I’ve had some neck troubles too. This post is going to be a little random mix of everything, and not as beauty related – it will be more of a lifestyle post!

I will admit I am a major stress head. Instead of focusing on one task at a time, I tend to think of the one million things I have to do then I get very flustered and sit there and get nothing done! To relax I like to light a candle, drink a cup of tea and either read a book or watch an episode of a show, however I feel like I am then wasting study time. Dilemmas. Do you have a good relaxation or study technique? I’d love to here about it, so please comment below!

Something that I have been enjoying a lot lately is the Governor’s Estate Cinnamint Herbal Infusion Tea. It is a warm, comforting drink that is like a hug in a mug. I’m not sure how long it has been around for except my Mum only discovered it a few weeks ago. I wish I had it for Autumn/Winter here in Australia. I am an Autumn/Winter person, I love to rug up and be cosy.


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (Warning contains spoilers):
TVD is my all time favourite television show and I am a dedicated Delena fan. I have been right from the beginning even when Damon was a jerk. Anyway, if you watch the show, what do you think is happening at the moment?! What do you think is going on with Damon and Bonnie? It’s trippy how they are back in 1994 and keep on reliving the same day. I really hope that they somehow get out of wherever they are and return to reality. I am also really annoyed at how Stefan is acting at the moment and how Elena made Alaric erase her happy memories with Damon. Grr.


A few weeks ago I made a post about the ‘Chop’. While I was seriously considering cutting my hair, I have come to the decision to try and grow my hair as long as possible. I haven’t had really ‘long’ hair since I was about 16, and would like to give it a try. My aim is to grow it to something similar in the image below that was posted by ‘The Beauty Department’.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the greatest of Taylor Swift? In my opinion, she is just fabulous in all ways. She has killer catchy songs, great style, lush hair and make up and she loves to bake. She has recently been named Billboard’s Woman of the Year too. Yay! If you haven’t listened to her recent cover of Vance Joy’s song ‘Riptide’, I would go take a listen. It’s chill-worthy.


Let me know if you enjoy reading lifestyle based posts every once in a while,
G xx


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