Hooray for Empties!

Hey Everyone!

I’m very excited to do my first empties post and tell you all about some great products that I have completely used up! Using up products is just so satisfying. The prices that I have included in this post are all in Australian Dollar.


– Sukin Sensitive Cleansing Lotion
This is a great and inexpensive sulphate and paraben free creamy cleanser. It is formulated especially for those with sensitive skin, and I purchased it because at the time my skin was a little sensitive and was reacting to my usual products. This cleanser cleaned my face well and left it feeling soft and hydrated. I would recommend removing it with a face cloth as there may be residue left on the face if you only rinse with water. This is $10 from Priceline Pharmacy.

– Ella Bache Savon Adoucissant Cleanser
This cleanser is also a softening cream cleanser, however it is a lot more expensive than the Sukin cleanser. I felt like this cleanser was worth the price as it did keep my skin very clear, smooth and clean. It was professionally recommended to me by my Ella Bache skin therapist. I suggest if you purchase any of the Ella Bache skincare, you should seek a therapist’s advice as they can look at your skin under a lamp and make a professional recommendation. The only downside to this cleanser is that I paid a lot for it and I had used it up in about three weeks. This cleanser is $65 from Ella Bache salons and Ella Bache counters at David Jones.

– Lush Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie
I loved this product because it was a body wash and moisturiser all in one. The texture was somewhat ‘putty’ like, so you have to scoop it out of the pot then smother it over your body. I really liked the feel and texture of the product, although I don’t think it smells like Turkish Delight at all. It smells like very strong, musky roses. Because I wasn’t crazy about the scent I probably won’t repurchase it, although overall it was a great product. This is $32.95 from Lush Cosmetics.

– Crabtree and Evelyn Evelyn Rose Hand Cream
This hand cream was very hydrating and had a lovely rose scent that seemed to last until my hands were washed. I would definitely consider repurchasing this product, and I would like to try the other scents available. The hand cream is $10 for 25g and is available from Crabtree and Evelyn and David Jones.

– Ella Bache Detox Aromatique Serum
This serum is designed for those (like me) with acne-prone and oily skin. I really loved this product as it kept my skin clean and clear and had a lovely herbal scent. I did repurchase this product, however I have not been using it lately as I was experimenting with my skincare routine. As my skin has been playing up I will most likely incorporate it back into my routine. This is $79 from Ella Bache salons and Ella Bache counters at David Jones.

– Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm
I absolutely loved this vanilla and sandalwood scented product. I have extremely dry skin on my body and this really did the trick even though it was winter at the time I used it. This product also contains little chemicals which is a plus. I would love to try the other Aesop body products. This is available from Aesop online stores and David Jones for $37.

– Kora Organics Enriched Body Lotion
This is about my fourth tube of this amazing product. Like all Kora products, this body lotion is certified organic, is extremely nourishing and hydrating and actually works. If I had it my way I would probably repurchase this every time I finish up a tube, however it is pretty expensive considering I use body moisturisers up so quickly. The Enriched Body Lotion is available from the Kora Organics Website and David Jones for $50.

– Meiskin Kandee’s Kream Moisturiser
I had been eyeing off this moisturiser for months on the Meiskin website, and finally one day I took the plunge and purchased it. This product is paraben free and also cured my severely dry skin on my body. I enjoyed using this product, although the scent wasn’t what I expected. I had heard that it smelt like sweet candy, however it smelt like musk lollies mixed with some citrus fruits. Don’t get me wrong, the scent is nice. It just wasn’t what I expected. This is available from the Meiskin website for $34 for the 250ml bottle.

– Ella Bache Lait Enrichi Requin
This cleanser was recommended to me by my Ella Bache skin therapist, however I felt like it did break me out slightly. This cleanser is a moisture-rich cleansing milk, and smelt lovely although I think it would be more suitable for people with drier skin. It is $69 and available from Ella Bache salons and Ella Bache counters at David Jones.

– Lush Twilight Shower Gel
Oh my goodness, I loved this shower gel! Everything about it was incredible. It had a calming lavender aroma, it was a gorgeous deep purple colour and it had sparkles in it. What isn’t to love about it? Well, the fact that it was a Halloween limited edition product last year is what I don’t love about it. This is a really popular Lush product, and I’m very sad that they have not brought out more this year. Considering most people are crazy about the product, I’m not sure why they currently don’t stock it. If you know why, please tell me!

– Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub
So, this product isn’t entirely empty because it unfortunately expired before I could use it all up. As I did love the product I purchased another one a couple of months ago in the Popcorn scent for $10.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Please comment below if you have used any of these products before, and let me know what you thought about them.

G xx


6 thoughts on “Hooray for Empties!

  1. Gracie, your blog is amazing! Every post is so eloquently written and I really do admire your opinion on these products. It’s super joyful to read, keep the posts coming xoxxo

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