Bobbi Brown Haul and Review

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all going well and that you are all happy.

Today I wanted to do a little post about some recent Bobbi Brown purchases and give you a quick review about what I think about them so far. So last weekend I purchased three new items:

– The BB Cream with SPF 30 in Extra Light
– The Skin Weightless Powder Foundation in Warm Sand 2.5
– Rich Lip Colour in Candied Red


– The BB Cream
When I went to the Bobbi Brown counter, the lady that worked there wanted to match me with my exact natural skin colour despite the fact that I told her I wear fake tan a lot. She tried on Extra Light (which is my exact skin colour) and Light. I personally wanted Light because it was a shade darker and I like to give my face a bit of colour, although she said that if I got a powder that was a tad darker I would be fine and be able to achieve my desired colour. Even though the powder is darker and I can use bronzer, I would have preferred to have gotten the Light colour because I still feel a little washed out. Anyway, besides the colour I really love the formula. The first time I used the BB Cream it did separate on me throughout the day although I discovered it was just the moisturiser I was wearing that day. For the past few days I have been using a less oily moisturiser and the Cream has been fine. This product is fluffy and thick, although not ‘sticky’ thick, and is a dream to apply. It goes on the skin so smoothly and evens out the skin tone so well. As the coverage of it is only quite sheer, I often need to use concealer on my spots and any scars that I have. The BB Cream has so far not broken me out and my skin tends to not get too oily throughout the day. Overall, I think this is a great BB Cream and I do recommend it if you are looking after a higher end BB Cream.

– The Skin Weightless Powder Foundation
I got this powder because I was almost out of my Jane Iredale Mineral Pressed Powder that I normally wear. I was informed that this powder originally begins as a cream, but they bake it in an oven for several hours so that it turns into powder form. The colour is pretty spot on for me and helps to liven up my face as the BB Cream that I wear under it is so light. You can definitely build up to a full coverage look with this powder so it is really handy for days when my skin just really isn’t looking so great. It gives a lovely matte finish and helps keep oil at bay for the day. I feel like it is a fantastic product to wear over something like a BB Cream, however you can definitely just wear it on its own. I would definitely repurchase this product.

– Rich Lip Colour
If you have been reading my blog from the beginning you will know how obsessed I am with red lipstick. It’s kind of unhealthy. I wear red lip stick most days of the week wherever I go, it really doesn’t phase me where I am going. I saw the colour Candied Red and I was in love. At first glance it looks pretty similar to Nars Dragon Girl (my personal favourite), however true red lipstick fans can tell there is a definite difference. This colour is so crisp, clean and polished and I think it is a universally flattering colour that can be worn on all skin tones. I think it will look absolutely amazing on tanned skin, so I can’t wait until I do my next tan to see how it looks against Candied Red. This lipstick is super hydrating and literally lasted on me all day even though I was eating and drinking throughout the day. I didn’t have to touch it up once. The finish of this product isn’t matte nor is it glossy, so it is the perfect balance. I really enjoy the formula of this lip product so I will have to grab a couple more different colours.

Overall I am so happy with my new Bobbi Brown purchases – I have been wearing them all everyday since I got them.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you have a wonderful day!
G xx


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