My Skincare Journey

My skin is single handedly the bane of my existence. I wanted to begin to document the condition of my skin and the new ‘skincare journey’ I am beginning in hope to banish my problematic skin for good. This post is going to be brutally honest.

I suppose I should try to start this right from the beginning. As a child I had crystal clear skin with no scarring, marks or freckles and looking back at old photographs I am so envious of my younger self. When I was very young I was prone to get a blackhead here and there however, when I turned 14 I began to develop ‘teenage’ acne. Reaching the age of 15 was when my face literally exploded with lumps and bumps everywhere. At this point I was on no medication and was using skincare products such as Clearasil and Proactive. I did little exercise, but I maintained to eat all my daily fruit and vegetables.

Just before my sixteenth birthday, my skin was extremely bad to the point where I would not go to school some days or socialize with my friends because I was way too embarrassed to be seen. Finally, I went to my doctor to try and sort this issue out, as I really felt depressed by my skin. At first the doctor prescribed me Epiduo, which is an acne cream that can only be purchased with a prescription and then a couple of weeks later I was put onto Yaz. If you are unfamiliar with Yaz, it is a type of birth control pill that is also used for treating acne. I noticed a real difference in my skin about 6 weeks later, and I could tell that Yaz was definitely working. Several months later my skin was super clear, and friends would often joke about how they didn’t recognize me anymore.

Yaz was working well for those three-and-a-bit years. I did get the occasional breakout but it was nothing severe – until this year. Over the past year my skin began to break out quite badly on and off, not just at ‘that’ time of the month, but at anytime. The breakouts would be all over my face, but very sore and deep in my cheeks and around my mouth, which is generally hormonal. I used a lot of different skincare lines hoping something would help clear my skin, however nothing seemed to work. The irony of my explosive breakouts in the past year is that I began to exercise almost every day and began to eat healthier.

Over the past 3 months in particular my skin has been at its worst state in several years. I have developed more scarring on my cheeks and constantly have a breakout on my cheeks or around my mouth. Sometimes it is so bad that make up can barely cover it. Due to this, I began to feel very depressed and down again. I recently ventured back to my doctor to seek help about my skin and she decided to take me off the Yaz, as it has clearly stopped working, and switched me to Diane-35 which is another birth control pill used to treat acne. My doctor informed me that Yaz can wear off overtime and that it is a common problem for people using it to treat acne, so I did feel a bit calmer knowing this. I have been prescribed three months worth of Diane-35, and after those three months I am having a check up with my doctor. If there are no visible signs of improvement I will have to go on Roaccutane.

As well as switching over to Diane-35, I have began to get regular facials again and have switched my skincare routine up. The current plan for me is to focus on clearing congestion and hydrating my skin. I recently learnt that my skin was becoming so oily because it was extremely dry! It was severely dehydrated which is why it was producing such an excess amount of oil. The skin on my body is super dry so it only makes sense for the skin on my face to actually be dry as well. After my skin has been successfully cleared I will undertake some skin needling sessions to get rid of the scarring.

When my skin has settled into the new routine I will make a revised skincare routine post, which I am very excited about. As well as a new skincare post, I have found some new amazing products to perfect my base as much as possible and make my skin look and feel amazing even when I have an unfortunate breakout.

If you have ever suffered from any kind of skin condition, please comment below as I would love to chat with you about it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my new skincare journey!

G xx


2 thoughts on “My Skincare Journey

  1. Hello! I would really like to chat with you about acne thingy im really depressed about, for years!! I tried using Diane 35 for about a week and of course it hasn’t revealed its effect yet, from your posts i read that its effect is seen in 2 months. I wonder, was your acne bad? Is it as bad as me?:( cause you know that a mild acne is sure easier to cured than moderate or severe acne 😦

    Looking forward for your reply in my email inbox! :))

    1. Hi there! Yes it did take a few months for me to see the effects of Diane 35. I was on Yaz previously and that took around 6+ months for me to see results. I definitely had more success on Diane! I had moderate acne and I know how depressing it can be. I was really depressed when my skin was bad, and some days I didn’t even want to leave the house or go to school! I would spend hours crying over how I looked. My best tip is to just persevere, even if you don’t see results for a little while. I also recommend drinking plenty of water, exercising and eating fresh fruits and vegetables (and as little processed sugar as possible). When I started exercising and eating healthy I noticed my skin improved even more. What skincare do you use? I found the Dermalogica Clear Start range really helped my acne too… And it was really gentle! 🙂

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