The Jen Effect

Bronzed glowing skin. Blonde luscious hair. A pearlescent infectious smile. These statements perfectly described my current muse: the one and only Jennifer Hawkins.


If you are unfamiliar with this Australian beauty, Jennifer was a cheerleader from Newcastle, New South Wales who won the Miss Universe contest back in 2004.

Currently, she is my ultimate beauty muse. I adore everything this gal has going on at the moment – her perfectly bronzed skin and her loose mermaid hair to name a few!


Unfortunately, I didn’t win the genetic lottery and I am not a 1.80m tall model like Jen, however I can create a Jen inspired look by using her amazing tanning range and by visiting my wonderful hairdresser.

Lately, I have been absolutely loving the entire Jbronze range! I have been using the Dark Tanning Spray as my main coat of tan and topping it up with another coat of the Medium Mousse if need be. Whenever I go out to a special occasion I like to use the Instant Wash Off Tan in Medium to make my pins look extra bronzed and smooth. The Shimmer Instant Illuminiser is the perfect final touch to any look. I like to apply it to my cheekbones and collar bones to add a bit of sparkle and create a luminous and healthy look. A tip – if you apply a thin line of shimmer down the front of your legs it will create an illusion of longer legs. This trick is handy for small people like myself. The Daily Beauty Balm SPF50 has become a staple in my morning skincare routine. It provides the skin with amazing sun protection, which is vital under the harsh Australian sun, without clogging the pores. This product contains a light tanned tint that adapts to your natural skin colour, so unlike a lot of other sunscreens, your face doesn’t turn as white as a ghost.


Who is your current beauty muse?

G xx


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