You Better Wash Up!

So, I know how tedious it is to wash your make up brushes, however it must be done!

If you don’t wash your make up brushes on the regular, you are basically spreading bacteria and germs all over your face the causes congestion and breakouts – yuck. Personally, I think make up brushes should be washed once a week at least. If you are like me and have very acne prone skin, I would wash them every two or so days. If I have a really bad breakout that day I will wash the brushes immediately after use.

If you wash your brushes properly you won’t risk ruining them, and they will still last you years! Below is my technique for washing my brushes. They are all still good as new and I have owned some of them for about six years.

Firstly, I like to fill up the sink with some warm (not hot) water and pour in some cleanser. I choose to wash my brushes with cleanser as it kills the bacteria and is relatively gentle on the bristles. I don’t use the cleanser that I am currently using on my face in my skincare routine. I use either samples I have received or a cleanser I am no longer using. I will leave the brushes soaking for up to half an hour depending on whether I have some cleaning to do.


I have been using my old Dermalogica Clear Start cleanser to wash my brushes lately.


Once the brushes have soaked, I then drain all the water out of the sink and begin to deep clean each brush separately. I squeeze out a pea sized amount of cleanser onto each brush and begin to massage the cleanser into the bristles.


Sometimes I need to repeat the above step several times in order for all of the make up to be removed.


Once I have cleaned my brushes I lay them on a flat surface so that they can air dry. If possible I put them in a room where a fan is in operation to help them dry a bit quicker.

If you didn’t want to wash your brushes with a facial cleanser, you can alternatively use baby shampoo as this is also gentle. I feel like a hand soap is a little too harsh to use on the brushes, and considering it is not cheap at all to buy new brushes you want to protect them as much as possible!

Thank you for reading!

G xx


17 thoughts on “You Better Wash Up!

  1. Great post! A little advice I’ve heard – don’t lay your brushes flat, lay them with the bristles lower than the handle. You can do this by rolling one end of a towel up and resting the handle on the rolled up bit. Otherwise over time the water ruins the glue and you will get bristles falling out! Hope this helps you x

    1. That is interesting! Thanks for the tip. I havent had that problem with my Bobbi Brown or Real Techniques brushes however my Mac bristles do tend to fall out of the 182 brush. The issue with that brush is it has a small handle and is kabuki style so I normally sit it upright otherwise the bristles become out of shape if I lay it down.. Very annoying x

  2. *sigh I NEED TO WASH MINE TOO. Be careful not to get soap and water in the ferrule, or the metal part that holds the bristles and the handle together. Also to keep it’s original shape the brush guard is way to go. They are so inexpensive and work wonders!!!!

  3. I wash mine with baby shampoo but worry that it might not get rid of all of the bacteria. I was given a tip to wash with anti-bac soap then olive oil to protect brushes and keep them soft. Haven’t tried it yet as been looking at different make up brush cleaners and trying to weigh up if they are worth it. I like the idea of using a face cleanser – do you have a favourite to use on your brushes?

    1. Yes I worry about that too! I haven’t tried the olive oil yet – do you think it would leave an oily film on the brushes? I love using a facial cleanser as it deep cleanse the brushes and kills bacteria depending on what cleanser you use. I really like using my Dermalogica Clear Start cleanser to clean my brushes as it is formulated for acne prone skin, therefore it kills bacteria 🙂 x

      1. The idea that it might leave an oily film is what has prevented me from trying it! I tried anti-bac soap then another wash in baby shampoo in the hope that it would add softness but the brush seemed harder afterwards! I’m going to go in search of a good cleanser to try now 😊

      2. Yes me too! Keep me updated with your finds! If I find a new anti bacterial cleanser I will let you know 🙂

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