The Summer Survival Guide

It’s currently summer here in Australia, ugh. In winter time I dream of the heat, the sun shining, swimming in pools, tanning and wearing bikinis. Unfortunately, the reality of the Australian summer is much different to my dreams of it.

It’s now December, so cue the sweat, shiny faces, heat stroke, make up melting off faces, and super dry skin from laying directly under the air conditioner for too long.

Never fear, we can help conquer summer together with the help of some amazing products (a lot of which are Australian!)


– The first cab off the rank is the good ol’ Frank Body Scrub:


The Frank Body Scrubs have been a favourite skin product of mine for a long time now. Frank is famous for banishing cellulite, acne, eczema, dry skin, stretch marks and other skin conditions. This bad boy actually works, and smells like coffee heaven. There are four different types of Frank Scrubs (Original, Coconut and Grapeseed, Cacao and Peppermint), as well as a new Body Balm that can be applied after scrubbing. So Babes, if you haven’t got on the Frank bandwagon, I suggest you do. Frank ships worldwide now so there’s no excuse for not trying this wonder.

– Ovi Hydration Drink:


It’s so important to stay hydrated in the heat, but sometimes water gets a little boring. I have been loving the new Ovi Hydration drinks. They are so delicious and hydrating and are made with green tea extract. There are several flavours including Peach, Berry and Citrus.

– A bright lipstick such as MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous


Bright lipstick is acceptable anytime of the year, especially in summer time. Why not wear a statement lipstick?

– Deodorant


People get so excited about summer time that they forget to use deodorant. That’s what I have concluded anyway, because I don’t understand why people don’t wear any – especially in public. Wearing deodorant is good manners. If you are concerned about the chemicals in deodorants such as aluminium, like I am, health shops stock natural deodorants that are chemical free and if you find a decent one – they work. In summer I use something like the Nivea Peal and Beauty roll on as it is anti-perspirant. In winter time when I don’t perspire as much (yuck, sorry), I use a natural one and still maintain smelling fresh. Please people, don’t skip this step.

– Jbronze Daily Beauty Balm SPF50


I mentioned this baby in a recent post and I’m mentioning it again because it’s so amazing and I think it should be everyone’s summer essential item. SPF30 just doesn’t cut it for me (I’m super paranoid about premature ageing, skin cancer and darkening my scars on my face), so I’m very happy that this is SPF50. It doesn’t leave you looking as white as ghost either because it has a light tanned tint to it that adapts to your natural skin colour.

– Jbronze Instant Tanning Cream


This is basically how summer goes for me: I apply a perfect coat of fake tan, don’t go anywhere special for the entire week, the tan begins peeling and so I scrub it off. I will then receive a phone call saying that I have to go out for dinner or meet friends. I get excited until I realise I am as white as a ghost and don’t have any time to fake tan – so I go into panic mode. Luckily, Jbronze has recently created an amazing Instant Tanning Cream that has solved my pale problems! I can rub this on and I am instantly tanned and ready to go out.

– Miniature perfume such as Benefit’s Laugh With Me LeeLee


Who doesn’t love perfume? And who doesn’t love miniature beauty products? It’s always a great idea to keep a tiny perfume bottle in your purse, especially during summer time when you need to freshen up a little.

– Benefit’s The Porefessional

– 10846831_10204222240570843_2089068804_n

This is a perfect pore minimising, mattifying primer that helps to prevent shiny, oily faces caused by the summer heat. Love, love, love.

– KMS California’s Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal


Some people live in climates where it just gets really hot during summer. Then there’s those like myself who live in a place that not only gets really hot, but also gets really humid. I used to think it was impossible to have nice hair during summer until I found this anti-humidity spray. This is my summer hair saviour. I can actually have straight hair without it frizzing and curling two minutes after I have done my hair. Yay!

– UltraCeuticals Ultra Body Moisturiser


All that sun, sand, chlorine and salt water takes its toll on our poor skin. Our skin is our largest organ and we need to take care of it. During summer, make sure to use a hydrating moisturiser. I have been using this moisturiser by Australian brand UltraCeuticals for the past few weeks, and I am loving it. My skin is super nourished, hydrated and silky. It also isn’t ‘heavy’ and greasy.

There you have my summer essentials! I hope you enjoyed this post.

G xx


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      1. You’re welcome! Winter isn’t so bad living here in Las Vegas where we have temperatures in the 50’s. Winter is pretty mild. It will just be very cold when I move back to my home state of Michigan in a year lol. 🙂 xo

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