Priceline & Mecca Maxima Haul: Nars, Teeth Whitening & More!

Who doesn’t love a good haul? I am personally a bit of a haul-lurker. I love seeing what people buy!

Recently, I picked up a couple of things from my two favourite stores ever: Priceline and Mecca Maxima. Some products that I got are just essential and personal items, and others are more on the splurge side of things.


I got the majority of these products from Priceline, so I will start there first:

PureTan Pure Bronze Tanning Lotion in Dark: Because we all know I am a tanning addict. I haven’t tried this brand before so I am excited to see the results. I have heard only great things about this brand, and if Australian eyebrow royalty Amy Jean raves about PureTan, it must be good.

Nads Brazilian Hard Wax: I taught myself to do my own Brazilian/bikini wax several years ago. Yes, it is painful however I prefer to be smooth and ergh, ‘maintained’.

Iluka by Natalie Imbruglia Light Day Cream with SPF: I mentioned this cream in my recent updated skincare routine post, and so far I am loving it!

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit: I like to whiten my teeth from time to time because I feel more confident when my teeth sparkle. Recently I noticed my teeth were looking dull, so I purchased the iWhite kit for a little pick-me-up. I chose this kit in particular because Chloe Morello used it and raved about her results.

Schick Intuition Razor Blades: Just another essential item I picked up. I use these for my legs, because I am too impatient waiting for the hairs on my legs to grow so that I can wax them.

And from Mecca Maxima I got:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight: I normally use my MAC Paint Pot as my primer, however I remembered watching one of Ingrid Nilsen’s videos where she used a Too Faced eye primer. I am not 100% sure this is the exact one she used, although it seemed to be quite similar to the primer she used. This primer is a champagne colour that has some shimmer in it, and is the perfect ‘lazy product’. If you don’t feel like putting any eyeshadow on, this primer will suffice because the colour and shimmer look gorgeous on its own.

Nars Lipgloss in Rose Gitane: I am not normally into glosses, particularly red glosses, however I was very attracted to this product for some reason. This is a gorgeous deep red shade that contains a hint of sparkle. It looks amazing on its own, and I can imagine it would look even better over a lipstick if you were after a more dramatic effect.

So that was all I picked up from my recent haul Priceline and Mecca Maxima haul! Have you ever used any of these products?

G xx


2 thoughts on “Priceline & Mecca Maxima Haul: Nars, Teeth Whitening & More!

    1. Definitely! At first I couldn’t tell my teeth were whiter because my eyes just adjusted to the colour of my teeth, however so many people commented on how white my teeth were after using it. I love it!

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