Making It To First Base | The LB Cream

As you all know, last week I received my order from Lara Bingle’s new tanning range called ‘The Base’ – *cue the falling confetti and glitter out of the sky*.

When I wrote a post expressing my excitement, I said that I would be reviewing each product individually after I have used them a couple of times. So, here I am with my first review on a ‘The Base’ product – the one and only LB Cream.


Initially, I was unsure whether to purchase this product or not simply because I love my Jane Iredale BB Cream a little too much. I had put some other products in the item cart and was just about to go to the checkout when suddenly I was possessed to add in the LB Cream.

The LB Cream is basically a BB Cream with the letters changed to suit Lara Bingle’s initials. I think that this adds a cute little touch to the product.

The website description of this product reads:

“Transform your skin with The Base by Lara Bingle’s signature LB Cream. Luminous and smooth in texture, this intensely hydrating cream is designed to even skin tone and mask imperfections. The LB Cream can be used on its own, as an all day skin tinted SPF moisturiser. Coverage can be built up with fingers or a brush, or a sheer layer can simply be applied to the face for a natural, healthy looking glow. Note – Honey is the darker shade.

  • All Day Skin Primer with SPF15
  • Moisturises
  • Balances skin tone
  • Even coverage”

This product is available in two shades – Beige and Honey and sells for $24AUD. As mentioned above, Honey is the darker shade so I purchased Beige. I predicted it would be a little darker than my natural white-as-a-ghost skin colour, however I always wear fake tan so I knew I could easily match the colour of the Cream to the rest of my body.

This product is a relatively medium consistency – not too thick, but not watery either. For me, it is an ideal consistency to work with. Because of this consistency, you can wear a very thin layer of product or you can definitely build it up with more layers.

So, each time I wear this product I basically treat it as my daily ‘foundation’ in terms of application and coverage. I apply it with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush as I do with my regular BB Creams, tinted moisturizers, foundations etc.

I have worn this product everyday for six days now, and I have tried it out in three different ways. I wanted to try using this product in three different ways to test out the different looks that this product could create:

  1. By itself

I wanted to test the product’s finish, look and lasting power without any concealer or setting powder. Here is what I discovered:

  • The LB Cream gives an amazing luminous finish.
  • The skin has a very healthy glow.
  • It has more coverage than I expected, which is a good thing for me as I have some scarring on my face.
  • My skin was not oily by the end of the day and only became oily after I went to the gym and sweated like a pig.
  • Despite the fact that I went to the gym and sweated like a pig, the Cream actually stayed on and didn’t just dissolve into thin air.
  • Simply on its own, the LB Cream leaves the skin looking and feeling absolutely amazing and stays looking fresh all day long.
  1. With concealer and a light illuminating powder

The next time I used my LB Cream I covered up any scars that were still visible and I dusted a light coat of my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder over the top:

  • My Nars Creamy Concealer blended so easily and smoothly over the LB Cream.
  • The concealer didn’t separate from the product.
  • The LB Cream looked absolutely incredible with an illuminating powder over the top.
  • Again, by the end of the day my face stayed looking so dewy and fresh as opposed to being an oily mess.
  1. With concealer and a full coverage powder to set

Lastly, I used the LB Cream in replace of my Jane Iredale BB Cream that I normally wear daily, with my full coverage Jane Iredale Pressed Powder Foundation over the top:

  • Although this look had a fuller coverage, my skin still looked quite natural.
  • I honestly prefer the look that the LB Cream creates underneath the powder foundation over the look I get from using my Jane Iredale BB Cream.
  • I used to find that by the end of the day, the products on my face would sometimes begin to separate and my pores would become visible (who needs that?). The LB Cream has so far not separated on me at all and it honestly still looks flawless at the end of the day each time I wear it. This product lasted through a hectic 11 hour day of University, so for me, it is a winner.

Overall, I highly recommend the new LB Cream to anyone. Not only does it look flawless on the skin, it also feels light and as if you aren’t even wearing make up. My Dad even commented on how great my skin looks when I wear it, and he never notices anything (bless him). I am in love with this product and I honestly can’t fault the formula. It is also really reasonably priced! The only thing that may be disappointing for some people is the limited colour choices on offer. In saying that, Lara recently said ‘The Base’ is planning on releasing more colour choices in the near future. I will definitely continue wearing this product as my everyday ‘foundation’. Even though it is a relatively light BB Cream (or should I say LB Cream), I can easily build up the coverage by layering the product, adding a bit of concealer here and there and dusting a powder foundation over the top if need be.

G xx


5 thoughts on “Making It To First Base | The LB Cream

    1. This product is only very new! Lara’s range came out in November last year 🙂 thanks so much for reading, I’m glad it helped! X

    1. Thank you so much! I don’t have an Instagram account set up for my blog yet unfortunately, but I am planning on setting one up soon! 🙂 thanks for stopping by x

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