First Impressions | Nars

My Nars Orgasm blush was the first Nars product I ever purchased. I was 16 at the time and I fell in love with the brand the moment I swept that peach and gold blush across my cheekbone. I would even go as far to say that Nars literally changed my life in a multitude of ways – so thank you Francois Nars.

I love everything about the brand from the products themselves to the minimalistic black and white packaging.

Everyday without fail I will wear a Nars product. I am not myself without Nars – in particular my Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl. Literally, a boy kissed me one day because I was wearing Dragon Girl. Allegedly the lipstick made him do it.

Anyway, so I think that you get the point about me being head over heels in love with Nars. At the beginning of the week I went into Mecca Maxima on a mission to purchase the Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg, simply because both Hilary Duff and Taylor Swift wear it, and the Pressed Powder.


Onto the first impressions of the products:

  • Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg

I am so used to wearing matte lipsticks and so I began to apply the Satin Lip Pencil just like I do with my mattes. However, this lipstick is like butter. It just melts across the lips! So I had to take extra care when applying it because it just glided on my lips and I didn’t have to use the same pressure as I do with my mattes. I am completely obsessed with the colour of this product. It is kind of similar to Dragon Girl, however it is definitely a pink.

When you apply this product it looks quite glossy, but when you rub your lips together it definitely does not have a glossy texture. I was worried that because it looks so glossy it would end up on my teeth, however the product kind of just stays on your lips and doesn’t transfer onto the teeth.

Because this is classified as a lip pencil, I didn’t line my lips with a liner before I applied it. I never actually line my lips with anything to be honest. Shock! Horror! That’s my big lipstick secret. Anyway, this product actually bled really badly throughout the day and it made me quite sad. Today I am wearing the product again and I used an invisible lip liner which has zero colour to it. It is designed to prevent lipsticks from bleeding. So far it hasn’t bled at all and I have been wearing it for five hours now.

This lipstick didn’t transfer onto water bottles or glasses at all which surprised me because it just looks so glossy! It stayed on for the entire day and I actually had trouble budging it when I removed my make up that evening.

Overall, I am seriously obsessed with Luxembourg. Hopefully I can combat the bleeding issue because the colour and finish of this product is incredible and I can wear it for a full day without it fading.

  • Pressed Powder in Desert

I wanted to try out this powder because Lauren Curtis loves it. I had no idea what shade I would be, so I just told one of the girls that work in Mecca Maxima that I wear Santa Fe in the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, however I was wearing the Stila Stay All Day Foundation in Beige 4 the day I went in (which is significantly darker than Santa Fe). I recently dyed my hair a bit darker and it looks better when I am more tanned in my opinion. I got matched with the shade Desert, and I think the colour is perfect for me.

This powder doesn’t really provide coverage; it just sets foundation, which is what I was after. I normally wear the Jane Iredale Pressed Powder but I felt like this was making me look a little bit oily by the end of the day, which frustrates me because I have dry skin.

This powder feels so light and silky and leaves such a gorgeous finish on the skin. The skin doesn’t look completely matte, but it definitely takes the shine off from the foundation. This powder made my skin look so smooth, and pretty flawless I must say, for the entire day. This is definitely the setting powder I have been looking for and I can’t get enough.

Nars definitely never fails to disappoint me, and I was super impressed when I used my Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg and Pressed Powder in Desert for the first time yesterday.

Have you used either of these products before? I’d love to know what you think.

G xx


21 thoughts on “First Impressions | Nars

  1. Such a lovely review! I really want to try something from Nars now. I hope to be able to sometime soon. I just loved that Dragon Girl lip color! ❤ xo

  2. Great review! I’ve been looking for a new powder that would just take the initial shine of the foundation but not leave it with a matte finish. The Luxembourg pencil looks beautiful. It’s a shame about the bleeding but I’m glad you found a resolve!

    1. Thank you for reading! Yes that was like me too. I wanted to take off the shine but not be totally matte. The Nars powder is perfect in my opinion 🙂 x

      1. Bought and tried. I’ve been wearing the matte lipstick in Tonkin which I am already obsessed with. Thanks for the inspiration!

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