Making It To Second Base | Instant Tan Mousse

This post is the second installment to a series of reviews on Lara Bingle’s amazing tanning range called ‘The Base’. My last post was quite well received, and Lara herself shared the link to my post via her Facebook page! This recognition was so exciting for me – I threw a party and danced around for days.

My last review was all about the LB Cream, however now it is time to focus on the Instant Tanning Mousse. Boy oh boy, where do I even begin?


I’ll start off with some information about this product that is written on The Base’s website:

“Achieve a fast, sun safe, year round tan with Instant Tan Mousse. Designed to produce an even, streak free tan, its long lasting ingredients will ensure a strong pigment begins to develop. With a light, supple texture, the Instant Tan Mousse spreads effortlessly, without leaving the skin feeling sticky or weighed down.

With immediate colour, The Base Instant Tan Mousse will have you bronzed and exuding an enviable post-holiday glow in no time.

  • Intense bronze tan
  • Streak free
  • Long lasting
  • Dries in minutes”

This product is so incredible that I am going to have to categorise the product’s elements, otherwise I will get too excited and start rambling and leave you all very confused (I can feel the rambling already beginning…)


A product’s packaging is a relatively important element to me. It’s not the be all and end all, however if I like the product’s packaging I generally appreciate the product itself a little more. I love how sleek and minimalistic the bottle of this product is. Because the bottle is matte, it is so smooth to touch. I am not entirely sure what the colour of the bottle is called, but I love it whatever it is. The product bottles always catch my attention when sitting on the bathroom bench.

Colour and texture:

Now, onto the product itself. As soon as I pumped this baby onto my tanning mitt, I felt a wave of relief flush over me. This feeling of relief was due to the colour of this product. I strongly dislike fake tans that are green based, and thankfully this tan is not! Instead, it is a more neutral/red-based product which means it actually looks like a natural tan on me. I am so pale naturally that any green-based tan leaves me looking literally like the Grinch. Honestly, my skin turns out so green! So, the colour put this product in the good books for me already before I began to rub the product onto my skin. As soon as I began to rub it in, I fell further in love. This product literally glided on my skin like velvet. It felt so soft and fluffy, and its velvet texture made application a breeze because it was so easy to rub in!


The Instant Tan Mousse smells like everything I have ever wanted my fake tan to smell like. I don’t like those ‘coconut’ fake tan scents. When I say don’t like them, I should say I hate. I strongly hate them. Half of the time they don’t smell anything at all like coconut! There is one popular ‘coconut’ scented tanning range in particular that I find smells so bad I cannot use it because it makes me feel very unwell. This product has a refreshing, lovely, light vanilla-type fragrance that makes you feel so fresh and clean. The scent is sweet and pleasant and thankfully, not overpowering. I have never smelt a fake tan like this one, and I have used a lot of different fake tans (‘a lot’ is an understatement). Even once the tan has been rinsed off, the skin still doesn’t end up smelling like traditional fake tan.


This product dries so quickly and doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky at all, so you can get dressed pretty quickly after application. The mousse is tinted, as I implied earlier, which means you will instantly have some colour. I like to wear this product for at least 6-8 hours before rinsing it off. Once rinsed off, the skin is super golden and bronzed. I love this product because it turns into what looks like a natural tan! When I wear this product and tell people I am wearing fake tan, they are honestly so shocked. They will say things to me like, “What! You’re joking! You can’t be wearing fake tan, it looks so natural!” I have honeslty never come across a fake tan that looks more natural than this one. This product is incredible. Another thing that I love about this product is that it is suitable for any skin tone. For example, people who like their pale skin but don’t want to look pasty could simply apply one light coat of this product. Those with darker skin who only want a hint of tan could do the same. However, if you have pale, medium, or darker skin and you want to go all out – simply apply 2-3 coats of this product and your ideal shade will be created!

Lasting Power:

Once applied and developed, this tan will last on my skin for around a week or sometimes a little bit longer. The tan never peels or rubs off onto my clothing towards the end of the week; unlike other fake tans I have worn in the past. In saying that, this product is so simple to remove at the end of the week when I want to apply a fresh coat. Sometimes I also find that the colour of a fake tan will change over the period I am wearing it. It may begin as a golden colour, but as the days progress it turns orange looking. The Instant Tan Mousse does not do this, and it stays its beautiful, natural-looking bronze colour for the entire time it is worn.

I cannot get enough of The Base’s Instant Tanning Mousse. I feel like, for me, it is the perfect fake tan on the market. It has quickly become my Holy Grail self-tanning product, and I have already ordered more bottles of it. If you have not tried this product before I highly, highly recommend it. I have used so many fake tans and this has got to be one of the best!

G xx


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