Drugstore Lovin’

The Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and Australis contour kit have been two absolute standout drugstore products for me lately.

I have the most annoying skin type. It is prone to breakout yet is extremely dry and tight, so I have to be so careful with what products I put on my face. I have to ensure they will hydrate my skin but not break me out. I was in need of a new foundation, and was given some high-end brand samples to try out however I just wasn’t loving anything enough to buy. I began to get frustrated that I couldn’t find a new foundation so I just walked into Priceline and picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I was very interested in trying the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation for a long time so I figured now was a perfect time to try it out. I love this foundation because:

▪It has amazing coverage. I would say it is definitely a full coverage foundation.

▪It claims to hydrate the skin – and it lives up to its promise.

▪It makes the skin literally feel like silk to touch.

▪My skin feels like it is is still able to ‘breathe’ when I wear this product.

▪My skin looks super dewy and luminous.

▪It has a great lasting power. No touch ups required.

▪It is half the price of most foundations I would normally buy. It is $32 AUD.

I had heard great things about the Australis contour kit, and so I simply had to try it out. It was sold out for quite a while so I am lucky I finally got my hands on one. I was very surprised with this contour kit and it really exceeded my expectations! I am really digging this contour kit for so many reasons:

▪It is so cheap! It cost me $13.

▪There are 6 different colours to choose from.

▪The powders are super pigmented so you only need to use a tiny amount.

▪They blend so well! (Despite the fact that when I was at the register buying the kit some girls were testing the product on their hands and happened to yell out that, “they don’t blend very well at all…”)

▪The powders don’t fade throughout the day.

▪There are some instructions on the back of the kit if you are a contouring beginner.

Drugstores have definitely been producing some great products lately and I can’t wait to try out more bargain products.

G xx


11 thoughts on “Drugstore Lovin’

  1. I’m so jealous that you’ve managed to get your hands on one of those contouring kits! I haven’t been actively hunting for one, but I’ve looked each time I’ve wandered into Priceline and they are ALWAYS out of stock. Frustrating! I love how it comes with instructions on the back though, they will be useful to someone like me 🙂

    1. I think that I luckily walked in on a day they got a new shipment in! There was a big stall packed with them 🙂 keep the lookout and I’m sure you will find one otherwise try online if you decide you really want it. It really is an amazing product and is so cheap! Thanks for reading xx

    1. It’s such a shame it isn’t available in the US. Hopefully Australis launch in the US at some point! X

  2. I’m just about running out of my nude by nature bronzer powder and decided that my next bronzing product to be a more creamy consistency. The timing of this post couldn’t be more perfect! 🙂

    1. This palette is still a powder however it is more of a “creamy powder” if that makes sense? 🙂 give it a go! I’m loving this palette! Thanks for reading xx

      1. You’re right. Unfortunately we don’t have much available to us here in Australia! However Urban Decay will be launching in two weeks time here and I’m so excited! xx

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