Sunday Rituals

Sunday is so bittersweet. It is supposed to be the most relaxing day of the week, yet I always feel the pang of anxiety as a new week is about to begin.  On Sunday I generally don’t have to leave the house and can often sleep in, however I spend most of the day prepping for the week ahead and getting organised which can stress me out – especially if a big week is approaching and I have a lot of deadlines creeping up.

On Sunday I have certain rituals. There are some things I do every Sunday that just never change.


My morning ritual:

  • Drink tea

I am a tea fanatic. I collect Royal Albert tea sets and different tea flavours. I adore the Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert range, and own several of Miranda’s designs. I drink tea most days, however on Sunday I like to drink it out of my special tea sets.

  • Exfoliate my whole body

I do this every Sunday without fail because I need to get rid of any excess tan from the week. I try to scrub most of my tan off with an exfoliating mitt, then I go back in with my Frank body scrub to hydrate and smooth my skin. I also make sure that I exfoliate my lips with my Lush lip scrubs.

  • Use a face mask

After I have exfoliated I always like to use a face mask. I use different masks depending on how my skin is feeling, however I like to use either a hydrating mask like my Kora Organics Hydrating Mask or some kind of deep cleansing mud mask. It’s nice to prep the skin ahead of a busy week.

  • Shave

Every Sunday morning I shave my legs. Luckily my leg hairs don’t grow that much, so some weeks I only need to shave them once a week. And Sunday is that day. TMI?

  • Moisturise

I do this every single day without fail, however on Sunday I like to use a nice scented and luxurious moisturiser on my body such as the OPI Cran & Berry scent.

  • Apply an SPF

Again, I do this every single day. Although I never wear make up on Sunday I still apply a high SPF such as the Jbronze Daily Beauty Balm SPF 50.

During the day:

  • I often plan my week and start a ‘to-do’ list.
  • I catch up on any work that I have to do.
  • If I have a spare moment, I read a book as I generally never get a chance to read during the week.
  • Put on some lavender oil as my perfume. The lavender oil helps relieve any stress and headaches. I have bad sinus all the time, and am prone to getting bad headaches and facial pain, so the lavender oil is beneficial for me.

In the afternoon:

  • Workout

I used to work out almost every single day without fail, but lately I have been finding it hard to fit working out into my schedule. On Sunday afternoons I always make time for a decent workout where I will run for at least an hour and do some weights.

At night:

  • Apply a self tanner

Every Sunday night I apply a fresh coat of tan and feel so much more confident again. I love tanning with The Base by Lara Bingle.

  • Pack my bags for the week

I make sure I have all of my gear ready for the week ahead.

  • Plan my outfits for the week

By spending time doing this on Sunday night I don’t have to stress about what I am going to wear every day of the week.

Happy Sunday!

G xx


5 thoughts on “Sunday Rituals

    1. I definitely used to do the same thing as well! It’s so much easier spending one night a week planning what I’m going to wear for the rest of the week xx

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