Lush Extravaganza!

When I worked at Lush Cosmetics, I swear I didn’t actually make any money. After I finished each shift I would pick up my little Lush basket and wander around the store buying new products to try out.

To make up for the lack of products I picked up at the Priceline sale, I went into Lush and splurged a little.


I did have an excuse for this splurge though. Recently, my skin has gone coconuts again! I have not had one blemish for… months and months. Until now! I have got this weird breakout thing going on and it’s really making me depressed. I have had so many problems with my skin over the years and have written several blog posts about my struggles *cue the violin music*. In all seriousness, whenever my skin has a little spaz out I always go back to Lush products to help calm it down and clear it up.

The skincare products that I picked up are:

  • Angels on Bare Skin cleanser

This is Lush’s best selling facial cleanser. It is formulated for all skin types and contains lovely ingredients such as rose oil and lavender oil. It is grainy so it also doubles up as a gentle exfoliator. I loved this cleanser so much when I used to use it because it kept my skin really clear, so I thought I may as well use it again.

  • Fresh Farmacy cleanser

This was the first Lush cleanser I ever bought. Containing calamine, it soothes and calms the skin. It was recommended to me at a time when my skin was at its worst and it did an amazing job of not only clearing up my blemishes, but also reducing my skin’s redness.

  • Tea Tree Water

This is an awesome  toner that contains tea tree oil as the name suggests. Tea tree oil can burn some people’s skin although this product contains the perfect amount of tea tree. It clears problematic skin yet doesn’t strip it and dry it out.

  • Imperialis facial moisturizer

I got this moisturizer to use during the day. It is supposed to hydrate the skin, yet keep it balanced so that it doesn’t become oily.

  • Skin Drink facial moisturizer

I have not used this moisturizer before, so I am very excited to try it out. I got this to use at night time as my skin is prone to becoming super dry which is very annoying. It contains ingredients such as evening primrose oil, almond oil, organic avocado and rose oil to name a few.

The bath products that I picked up are:

  • Fluffy Egg bath bomb

This bath bomb is a limited edition Easter product. It is cute and pink, so of course I had to try pick it up to try out! It smells very sweet like candy.

  • Twilight bath bomb

Ahh, Twilight… This will forever and always be my favourite Lush bath bomb. In fact, it may even be my all time favourite Lush product full stop. To me, the relaxing lavender scent of it is just next level. Nothing in the entire world smells better than Twilight. This pink bath bomb only gets better as soon as you drop it into the bath. As soon as the pink starts to fizz, a bright blue centre is revealed and glitter begins exploding – do I need to contine?

The shower products that I picked up are:

  • The Olive Branch shower gel

This is just a classic Lush product. I can’t even explain this scent. It isn’t sweet, it isn’t spicy, it isn’t girly, it isn’t masculine – it’s just kind of unisex? I don’t think I will even attempt to try and describe the scent because it’s so difficult. I do know one thing though, it smells unbelievable!

  • Pot O’Gold shower jelly

This shower jelly is also a limited edition Easter product. I think that this product smells exactly like the Lush stores when you walk in. It is a fun squishy and gold product and no doubt I will find myself standing in the shower playing with it and sadly wasting water.

I also picked up one hair product:

  • Jason and the Argan Oil solid shampoo bar

Lush are famous for their solid shampoo bars but I have never tried one! Lush recently brought out a couple of new sold shampoo bars, so I thought now is the perfect time to try one. This particular bar smells like Rose Jam. If you have ever smelt the Rose Jam products or have ever used any, no doubt you are freaking out like I was when I found out this new bar is Rose Jam scented. This particular product is designed to help strengthen the hair and make it shinier, and they say it is ideal for people with lighter hair tones like myself. I’m very excited to try it out!

So there you have my extravagant Lush haul! I really love Lush Cosmetics for several reasons. They are a great company that never ever test on animals, a lot of the products are vegan friendly and they do so much for charity.

Do you love Lush as much as I do?

G xx


14 thoughts on “Lush Extravaganza!

  1. I do! Some weeks ago it turned out that I am allergic to certain components which you can find in almost all kinds of beauty products. My doctor advised me to try Lush. I’m going back to normal finally, haven’t been at the doctor’s since a month (which is a great success!). I LOVE Lush!

    1. Oh really! Do you remember what you are allergic to? That’s interesting. And that is awesome that Lush is working for you! So pleased 🙂 xx

      1. They’re not sure if it’s one substance or a combination of them. I started having inflammations of the eyes, open wounds everywhere on the body and stuff. After dozens of tests they desperately cut down everything, from food to synthetic clothes and cosmetics. In the end the reactions came again with using shampoo and body lotions. I have an immune deficiency anyways, so probably this was also a factor but I’m really glad that I can have a “normal”, girly-like life again without being afraid of getting new wounds all over.

      2. Oh wow! That would have been terrible to go through! At least you’ve found some amazing products that you aren’t allergic too 🙂

  2. I’m so desperate to try their bath bombs but we only have a shower cubicle! I’d love to work in Lush and get their staff discount! I think their products are quite pricey so it’d be a great way to test everything out!

    1. So far I really like them! They didn’t irritate my skin at all and I feel like they have helped to reduce redness. I will post a full review after I have tried them for a little while xx

    1. I hope you enjoy it! It’s such a fun bath bomb and it always makes me happy using it! Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

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