Hourglass Opaque Rogue Liquid Lipstick Review | Raven

You guys all know how much I love my red lipstick. And Margot Robbie. So the moment I saw her rock up at the Oscars wearing the Hourglass Opaque Rogue Liquid Lipstick in the shade Raven, I had to have it.


The Hourglass website claims that this particular lipstick is:

“• Densely pigmented, silky smooth and lightweight formula glides on without tackiness, and sets to a modern matte finish.
• Opaque coverage creates bold, vibrant and dramatic-looking lips.
• Contains a breathable film of intense pigment that instantly bonds to the lips and treats them with skin-conditioning emollients, fruit extracts and vitamins:
– Cili Fruit and Goji Berry extracts offer anti-oxidant protection
– Vitamins A, C and E nourish and protect lips throughout the day
• Custom doe foot applicator allows for precision application.
• Apply gloss over the top to create a long-lasting, luminous finish”

Sadly, I thought nothing of this product for multiple reasons:

1. I had to build up several layers of this particular shade as it seemed to be quite sheer.

2. It felt super tacky and sticky on the lips.

3. It took a couple of minutes to dry properly.

4. It made my lips so dry! I wear matte lipsticks all the time and rarely encounter problems with my lips drying out, however my lips were dry within at least half an hour of application with this product.

5. The product would ‘ball’ up on my lips and completely peel off.

6. It gets stuck to my teeth and lipstick on the teeth ain’t a good look. Nobody wants to see it. It’s not hot.

I am so let down by this product and left feeling so disappointed. I love the colour of this lipstick but I can never wear it because the cons simply outweigh the pros of this product.

Have you used this lipstick before?

G xx


5 thoughts on “Hourglass Opaque Rogue Liquid Lipstick Review | Raven

  1. Oh dear, I saw a youtuber try this and I was incredibly excited and dying to try out this liquid lipstick! It’s so unfortunate that this liquid lipstick is such a letdown. Do you think there’s a dupe for this?

    1. Did the youtuber try it in a different shade? I have heard okay things about the other shades but just not this particular one! I haven’t found a dupe so far, but when I do I will let you know 🙂

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