Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Review

I’m back! If you guys didn’t know I recently went to Melbourne with my best friend and had a little holiday. But, now I am back and excited to write again!

Today I will be reviewing the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner. To be honest, I used to avoid gel eyeliners because they really scared me. I was scared of messing it up so I just always used pencil eyeliners or black eye shadow to create a soft line on my eyelid.


A few months back I took the plunge and purchased the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, despite reading mixed reviews about the product. I love all of Bobbi’s products so I thought I’d give this eyeliner a try.

I was super happy with this eyeliner for several reasons:

  • It applied very smoothly and evenly. I use the fine Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush to apply this product.
  • It lasted all day long without fading or smudging on me.
  • It dries matte! I am not a fan of eyeliner leaving a ‘glossy’ look on the lid so I am so happy that this product is matte.
  • It didn’t dry up in the pot at all despite reading reviews that said it dried up quickly. I have had my product for around four months now (or so) and it is still perfect!


I am a big fan of this gel eyeliner and it is certainly a product I would repurchase. I don’t use it to create a ‘flick’ or cat eye, I simply use it to draw a crisp line along my top eyelid.

Have you used this product before?

G xx


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