Priceline Haul

I recently went to Priceline to pick up a couple of essential items. I am trying to be good and use up a lot of my make up and skincare items, but in saying that I do have some new skincare products ordered! This isn’t (only) because I am a skincare addict… I unfortunately just had a reaction to some of the products I was using.

Anyway, into the haul!


My Priceline purchases consist of:

Schick disposable razor blades

I think it is always handy to have some of theses lying around in the bathroom. You never know when you may need them!

Maybelline Volum’ Express Pumped Up! Colossal Mascara

I never used to purchase high end mascaras until recently when I got the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and the Benefit They’re Real! mascara. Although you can definitely tell the different between high end and lower end mascaras, buying expensive mascaras all the time is just not in my budget. I go through them far too quickly to keep repurchasing them each time. While I was at Priceline there was a sale on Maybelline mascaras so I picked this one up. So far it is great and I am happy with it for the price! I will continue to use it then post a review on what I think about it.

Swisspers make-up pads

I got these to accompany my Bioderma in my make up removal process. I like to use the really big make up pads however Priceline had run out so I had to get these smaller pads instead.

Le Tanย Instant Tanning Lotion

I used to always use Le Tan back in my middle school days (looking back, I probably didn’t even apply it correctly at the time). As you know I have now found my favourite tanning products from The Base by Lara Bingle, JBronze by Jennifer Hawkins and occasionally Bondi Sands just to name a few. I needed another fake tan and this one was on sale for only $6! I haven’t used this particular lotion before so hopefully it turns out alright. If not, the weather is cooling down anyway so I can get away with covering any patches by wearing long sleeves.

Essie nail polish in Jamaica Me Crazyย 

I saw someone I follow on Instagram wear this nail polish and it looked amazing so I really wanted to try it out. I have taken a step back from getting my acrylics and gel nails done every two weeks because I am on a budget at the moment. So for now, my manicures are DIY unless a special occasion is coming up.

Rexona Motion Sense deodorant in Shower Fresh

This one is pretty self explanatory. No one likes to smell and have sweat patches! (I am assuming).

Skinny Tan tanning mitt

My other tanning mitt had literally fallen apart. I kid you not. The stitching ripped and the mitt was completely unusable! This was the only tanning mitt I could see at the Priceline I went to, so I had no other options. In the past I have used mitts from St Tropez, ModelCo and Bondi Sands.

Have a wonderful day!

G xx


7 thoughts on “Priceline Haul

  1. Great haul! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Maybelline mascara. ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

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