EssieButton Obsessed

Okay guys, I have an obsession that is getting slightly out of control. And no, it isn’t with a product – it is with a person! My appreciation for Estée Lalonde (EssieButton) is currently at its peak and it doesn’t look like it will die down anytime soon.


Essie is my all-time favourite Youtuber/Blogger. I love her style, tutorials, personality and general vibe she throws off. She seems like such a nice, funny and down to earth person. Whenever I am having a down day I will always feel so much better after watching one of her videos or reading her blog. Essie’s positive vibes radiate off her and you really feel like she is your friend!

I am currently into natural, ‘no make up, make up’ looks which is also why I relate well to Essie. She is famous for her natural, dewy make up and occasional bright lip which is why I love watching her tutorials.

You can watch Essie’s Youtube videos here: 

G xx

P.s I am thinking about starting up my own YouTube channel soon which will be in addition to my blog posts. What do you guys think?


17 thoughts on “EssieButton Obsessed

  1. I love Essie Button, too! I love how emotional she gets when it comes to meet and greets and that sort of thing. It’s so refreshing to see someone unafraid to show that kind of raw emotion. You should definitely start your own channel! What is there to lose? 🙂

  2. I love Essie!! She’s my favorite youtuber. If you are debating making a YouTube, I think you should! No matter what anyone says you might really love it and all you need to do is start to find out.

  3. Yes!!!! Essiebutton is one of my favorites as well. I love that she creates many different looks, but on the neutral range which is more my cup of tea 🙂 she seems so relatable and honest in all of her videos. Many youtubers seem to try to sell a product that they’re sponsored by but with Estée, she seems so genuine about anything she shares 🙂

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