Jane Iredale DreamTint Review

Lately I have really been loving using my Jane Iredale products again because my skin has been playing up. I have been really cautious about using anything that may irritate it or cause it to break out.

I have spoken about how much I love the Jane Iredale BB Cream and Pressed Powder in previous blog posts. I was low on the BB cream and powder so I needed to restock. However, this time I decided to purchase the DreamTint instead of the BB Cream. I did proceed to repurchase the same pressed powder – which is now at least my fourth one in the Jane range! The Jane Iredale BB cream isn’t like a typical BB cream that provides sheer-moderate coverage. The cream instead provides full blown coverage! I have been loving natural make up lately, so I didn’t want anything as heavy in terms of coverage.


So, I basically went in wanting a product that wouldn’t cover everything on my face and instead would just even out my skin. This product definitely met these expectations.

DreamTint provides extremely sheer coverage and you can’t even tell you have make up on – which is a good thing because this was the look I was wanting to achieve. It looks amazing in the areas where I have no scarring such as my forehead, nose and chin. I do need to go in with a fair bit of concealer on my cheeks though because I have quite a lot of acne scarring there and on the sides of my chin near my mouth. After I have applied this product and some concealer on my scars, I dust my pressed powder over the top to set the DreamTint. This combination works really well for me and my make up lasts the entire day! I don’t even have to touch it up.

I love this product even more because it isn’t tested on animals (it is in fact vegan) and it doesn’t contain any toxic or nasty chemicals. It also contains SPF 15 which is a nice little addition to the SPF you should already be wearing underneath your make up!

I really love this product but I think it is only suitable for people wanting super sheer coverage. I would say this product has less coverage than a typical tinted moisturiser. If you have relatively clear skin this product does highlight your natural features and it makes your skin look even better than it already is.

G xx


5 thoughts on “Jane Iredale DreamTint Review

  1. This brand sounds nice! I hope to get to try it sometime. It seems like BB Creams never provide any coverage but if this one does it might be worth a try. Great review! πŸ™‚ xo

    1. It’s such a lovely brand! πŸ™‚ yeah this BB cream provides the fullest coverage I’ve ever experienced from a product. Plus it’s great for your skin! Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚ xx

  2. I recently bought the Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation and it has slowly become my everyday foundation, it provides such good coverage for a powder! Following you now πŸ™‚ Jay x

    1. That’s awesome! I haven’t tried the foundation but that’s next on my list πŸ™‚ thank you! I’ll check out your blog now! xx

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