Puretan | Review

I am naturally as white as a sheet of paper so I always resort to the bottle for my golden tan. I don’t want to damage my skin, so I much rather spend time applying self tanner than baking out in the sun.

I have written about several fake tans I love in the past and wanted to share my thoughts with you all on some of the Puretan products. I heard so much about this brand and was really excited to try it out.


The first product I tried was the Pure Bronze Instant Tanning Lotion in the shade Dark. When you squeeze this product out onto your tanning mitt, the lotion looks extremely dark and has a hint of shimmer. Once you begin to blend it into your skin, the product doesn’t appear as dark and it instantly turns your skin into a natural looking golden tan. It is really simple to apply and blends nice and evenly. I have never had any issues with streaks or uneven patches with this product. The bottle says you can wash the tan off after one hour, but I always leave it on overnight otherwise I don’t tan. When rinsed off the next morning, my skin is super bronzed and hydrated. The tan lasts around a week if not longer on me.

The second product I used in the range was the Pure Bronze Instant Tanning Foam in Dark. Like the lotion, the foam looked super dark when I pumped it onto the mitt. The product blended really easily into my skin just like the lotion, and it instantly leaves the skin looking extremely tanned. Although application was a breeze, I was left really disappointed with this tan for several reasons. Firstly, the tan ended up literally everywhere. It stained my sheets so badly! I even wore long sleeved pyjamas, like I do every time I fake tan, and yet it went everywhere. The second reason why I was disappointed was because when I rinsed the tan the next morning basically all of the product went down the drain and the colour hadn’t absorbed onto my skin at all. I have used this product several times and each time the same thing has happened.

I have mixed feelings about the Puretan brand. I really liked the lotion, however I was super disappointed with the foam. I probably won’t repurchase from this brand again just because I prefer a lot of other tanning ranges.

G xx


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