Estelle & Thild Thoughts

I have wanted to try Estelle & Thild products ever since I found out Essie Button used them. Estelle & Thild is a Swedish certified organic skincare line that has the most adorable packaging. I think the name of the brand is also very cute – Estelle and Thild are the daughters of the company’s founder. The two products I purchased were: the Biocalm Anti-Redness Rescue Serum and Spring Rose Blonde Body Butter.


I purchased the serum because my skin was quite red and angry at the time. This serum has no fragrance, so when I pumped some out onto my hand for the first time I knew it was going to help my skin calm down. Within minutes of applying the serum, I could see the redness begin to fade. After an hour of having applied the product my skin wasn’t even red at all which was incredible. This serum aborbs instantly into the skin and doesn’t leave behind any residue – it also doesn’t cause me to breakout. I have been using the serum morning and night and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin’s redness and my complexion looks so much more radiant.

I love the scent of roses, and I needed a new body moisturiser, so the Spring Rose Blonde Body Butter was essential. It smells exactly like gorgeous roses in spring – so it smells a lot like a traditional rose scent but is sweeter and more floral than musky. This butter feels so lightweight and spreads over the skin seamlessly. It also absorbs instantly, leaving behind no greasy feeling on the skin. The scent of this butter goes perfectly with my Chloe Signature perfume too, so if there are any Chloe lovers out there then this product is for you.

I am so impressed with the products from Estelle & Thild, and I really want to try out more. The products are not readily available here in Australia so I bought mine through the website Beautybay.

Have you used any Estelle & Thild products before?

G xx


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