Maybelline Lashsensational | Review

This may be a big call, but I think I have found my holy grail mascara – you heard me right! The mascara that has stolen my heart is none other than the new Maybelline Lashsensational mascara.


A little background history on my peepers – I have extremely fair eyelashes. They also aren’t long or amazingly defined, they are just quite ‘meh’ in my opinion. There is nothing special about my lashes.

This mascara however makes my eyelashes absolutely stand out. With this product they become super black, long, curled and luscious. You can see my eyelashes from a mile away and they make my blue eyes look so big and wide! In my honest opinion, this mascara is better than any other high end ones I have tried – this includes the Benefit They’re Real! mascara and the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

I love this product because it has two sides to the wand. The small inner curve is used first and separates the lashes and defines them. The outer curve is used second and visibly plumps the lashes, making them super thick and curled.


This mascara also doesn’t clump on me at all. I generally have an issue with mascara going all clumpy on me, but this product doesn’t cause me to have that issue at all. This product doesn’t flake, so at the end of the day you aren’t left looking like a sad panda. It is also so simple to remove – I could just gush about this mascara all day long.

IMG_9281 (1)

Have you tried this product yet?

G xx


14 thoughts on “Maybelline Lashsensational | Review

    1. Yes it does remind me of the Benefit mascara too! I don’t find it too hard to wash off but I am using a cleansing oil which is quite effective at removing makeup! X

  1. I requested a review on this product on Instagram and I’m so happy and thankful for this! Read it and was sold – got it this afternoon. While I haven’t used it yet, I’m excited to take it for its first spin tomorrow morning 😁 I also got the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Darl Circle Eraser and it’s AMAZING! Great product, thankyou so much for your suggestion/ review! xxx

    1. Not a problem at all! I’m always happy to hear requests for posts! 🙂 yay! I hope you love the mascara. I’d love to know what you think of it when you try it out. I also love the Maybelline concealer! Another amazing product. Thanks so much for your support xxx

  2. I just got this about a month ago and although I found it very wet at first, it’s finally starting to get better. Can’t go wrong with Maybelline mascaras in my opinion! x

    Daniela |

    1. You’re definitely right. I go through mascaras so quickly so I generally just buy drugstore ones – Maybelline is always great xx

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