The Amazing Olaplex | Review

I rarely ever talk about haircare on my blog – it is something I should starting writing more about.

I have put my hair through absolute torture over the past few years. I have dyed it multiple different colours, chopped it off, grown it back out and repeated that cycle. Many times. To be honest, I am surprised I am not bald.

During my last trip to the hairdressers, I was introduced to Olaplex. I had heard of it before and that it was a “miracle” product, but I still didn’t know exactly what it was. Basically, Olaplex is described as “insurance for your hair”. Olaplex is a single ingredient bond multiplier that strengthens the hair and stops it from breaking. It is also free from silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten and it isn’t tested on animals. Even Kim Kardashian confessed she is a lover of Olaplex – it was her secret to going platinum blonde without her hair completely falling out.


There are three steps associated with Olaplex. Step one is the bond multiplier that is added to bleach and lighteners during the colouring phase. Step two is the bond perfector that is applied to the hair once the colour has been rinsed out. Step three is the hair perfector which is a take home treatment and is applied once a week to ensure the hair stays strong and healthy.

Before I went into the hairdresser for my latest colour, my hair was in okay condition however if any bleach was applied to it, my hair would have without a doubt snapped off. I had foils of bleach applied to all the ends of my hair, so that I had a balayage effect, and my hair was left feeling super strong due to the Olaplex.

I am so happy with how Olaplex has helped my fragile hair. It is feeling the strongest and healthiest it has been in such a long time. The treatment that I use once a week always leaves my hair so shiny and nourished.


Olaplex currently isn’t available in all hair salons and it is an add on service – so ask your hairdresser if it is available at your salon. I go to Follow Hair Studio at Budds Beach on the Gold Coast and it is without a doubt the best hair salon I have ever been to. The staff are so lovely and super talented!

Have you tried Olaplex?

G xx


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