Audrey Spotlight #2 | PONi Cosmetics

For my second Audrey Spotlight post I am talking all things PONi Cosmetics!

I have been a big fan of PONi Cosmetics ever since I first laid eyes on the company’s beautiful hot pink holographic packaging last year. PONi is an Australian cruelty free company that specialises in eyebrow and eyelash products and also sells other makeup items.

The two products that I will be reviewing are:


Brow Magic and White Knight Mascara.

The Brow Magic is one of my all-time favourite products – hands down! I have purchased so many of these bad boys in my time because they are so good. I actually had anxiety when my local salon ran out of Brow Magic and I had to purchase another emergency brow pencil that was absolutely terrible. Brow Magic is, well, magic because it comes in one shade but it literally suits all skin tones and hair colours! I have had so many different hair colours and the Brow Magic suits each one (I have been blonde, balayage, and I am currently sporting a natural brunette shade). I recommend this product to everyone and anyone because you honestly can’t go wrong with it. This product applies so smoothly and it never needs to be sharpened as it twists up. Because Brow Magic is a firm pencil I can create a very defined brow each time. Another amazing thing about this product is that it contains an ingredient called Biotin which helps to encourage hair growth, making it perfect for sparse brows. The beginning of my right eyebrow has always had some trouble growing as full as my left eyebrow, and I have noticed that by filling in this sparse area my Brow Magic has helped fine hairs begin to grow! Brow Magic is available for $29.

My eyelashes are naturally quite ‘blah’, so I was very excited to try out the White Knight Mascara because I had heard so many excellent reviews about it. There are two wands in the mascara tube – the first wand is for volume and the second is for length. I think this is a great concept because to create volume and length different wands are generally required and I find that some mascaras that claim to give volume and length don’t. It is hard for one brush to do absolutely everything in my experience. This mascara is the perfect everyday product for me because it makes my lashes look so defined and long without it being completely obvious I am wearing mascara as it does not clump. Like the Brow Magic, this mascara contains Biotin to encourage growth plus the two other growth ingredients Peptide and L-Arginine. I have honestly noticed my eyelashes are naturally fuller which is due to the growth ingredients in the mascara. I love how easily White Knight removes – there’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower and seeing panda eyes! White Knight Mascara is available for $30.

Besides the two amazing products I just spoke about, PONi Cosmetics also makes a lash growth serum, contour kit, brow highlighter, lip gloss, brow powder and brow stencils. I am currently eyeing off the lip gloss in pink and the contour kit! All PONi products are available online or through professional salons. I think that all of the products are really reasonably priced too, especially considering their great quality!

Have you tried any PONi products before? I would love to hear your thoughts!

G xx


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