Too Faced Hangover Primer | Review

Too Faced‘s Hangover primer was something that I had wanted to try out for so long, but could never get my hands on it. Luckily, one day I found a small Too Faced section at my local department store that had two primers left – one for me and one for my Mum.


What attracted me most to this product was that it contains probiotics and coconut water to help the skin look and feel healthier. I take probiotics everyday in tablet form and love the idea of smothering all that good bacteria over my face as well. And, this primer doesn’t contain silicones which was a major plus for me.

I have to say, this product definitely lived up to my expectations! To me this nourishing product smells kind of like a strawberry yoghurt. I hate yoghurt but love the smell of this product – ironic I know. I think I love this smell because it is super light and subtle and isn’t overpowering. This primer is of medium consistency and is white in colour and becomes translucent when rubbed in. This product is the ideal lightweight consistency for me. It isn’t watery nor thick, and is perfect to wear over your moisturiser.

I noticed an outstanding difference this primer made to my make up application. I have worn this primer underneath foundation, tinted moisturisers and other bases and it made each product apply smoother and easier. I don’t know what it is about this product, (it is possibly the probiotics) but my skin just looks so much healthier and happier when I use it. This primer keeps my make up in place for the entire day and keeps any oil under control. Seriously, my make up still looks airbrushed at the end of the day! My make up does not crease, fade, or become shiny whenever I use this primer.

The Hangover primer is the perfect everyday primer in my opinion and would be perfect for those times when your skin needs a little ‘pick me up’. I have had such a good experience with this primer and I highly recommend it. Everyone’s skin is different however I think because of the ingredients in this product, such as probiotics and coconut water, it would be suitable for all skin types – even acne prone.

Have you used Too Faced’s Hangover primer before?

G xx


5 thoughts on “Too Faced Hangover Primer | Review

    1. I think this one should still last me for a long time but there might be something else I’d like! I’ll message you soon 🙂 xx

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