Dusty Girls | Review

Hands up if you love make up that’s actually good for your skin? Me too. A couple of weeks ago I tried out two products from a company called Dusty Girls. Dusty Girls is an Australian company based on the philosophy that your skin always looks better after a day in the country. The company has created a range of make up products out of clays and minerals and without nasties like silicones and parabens. Oh, and Dusty Girls is also cruelty free! The company is so right in saying animals are cute enough without make up.

The products I tried in the range were the Earth Cream and Natural Mineral Blush in Pink Ladies.


The Earth Cream is essentially a light tinted moisturiser and is perfect for people with acne prone skin or sensitive skin – unfortunately I have both. When my acne was at its peak a few years ago I would cry while layering on the make up because I didn’t want anyone seeing my skin, but I knew at the same time the make up was making things worse. I wish I had a product like this to use back then. Although the coverage is light, if you have bad skin and want to improve it I highly recommend sticking it out and using natural products like the Earth Cream. In the long run you will thank yourself! You can always dust a little bit of mineral powder over the top of the Earth Cream if you do want a little more coverage. I really like how lightweight this product is and how it just evens out the skin tone and gives my face a glow. The Earth Cream comes in two shades: light and medium.

The Natural Mineral Blush in Pink Ladies was an absolute standout for me! The blush is such a gorgeous pink shade with a hint of sparkle and is super pigmented, so you only need to use a tiny amount. The blush blends so easily across my cheeks and gives me a lovely natural looking glow. I would recommend this blush to people of all skin tones as it is a universally flattering shade of pink. This blush comes in two shades: Pink Ladies and Golden Delicious.

I am really impressed with the Dusty Girls products that I have tried and I would really like to pick up the Natural Mineral Foundation Powder and Argyle Pink Natural Mineral Lip Shine next!

You can check out the Dusty Girls products at www.dustygirls.com and through Instagram @dustygirlsmakeup.

G xx


4 thoughts on “Dusty Girls | Review

  1. Hi hunni,
    I think I should really check out this brand; Caryl Almelor did a review a couple of weeks ago on some of their products.
    Thanks for showing some cruelty-free brands – and thumbs up for them being Australian!

    1. Hi Bea!
      Definitely check them out. They have a good range of products like mascara, bronzer and lipgloss too! No problem. I’m really trying to use mostly cruelty free products ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for reading xx

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