Brunettes Have More Fun?

So, I am now a brunette!


I was born blonde and have been blonde my entire life up until now. I have to say I love my new Miranda Kerr/Estée Lalonde inspired locks. I feel like it suits me better at this point in my life! I was unhappy being blonde for quite some time and experimented with balayage and lowlights, but now I can happily say that I am a brunette convert.

I have been experimenting with new make up looks to suit my new hair and I have found that rosy cheeks and a bright lip suit best. I went through a really grunge make up phase over winter when my hair was lighter, but I don’t think I can really pull off that look anymore.

Shoutout to the wonderful girls at Follow Hair Studio at Budds Beach for always keeping my hair fresh!

Have you recently changed up your hair? I’d love to know.

G xx


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