real-u Australia | Review

I was fortunate enough to have been sent some real-u products to try out, and since I have been trialling them for around a month now it’s time to review them. Although I was sent the products, I am still providing my 100% honest opinion like I always do. Before I review the products I wanted to point out that my skin is dehydrated and is breakout-prone. I also suffer from dermatitis and I have to be super careful with what products I use on my skin! At the moment my main concern is keeping my dermatitis at bay, hydrating my skin and getting rid of those pesky blackheads and whiteheads.

real-u is an Australian skincare range that targets problem skin for both teenagers and adults. Unlike a lot of other acne ranges, real-u products don’t contain any chemicals, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. So it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin! I had heard so many amazing reviews about real-u so I used the products in the lead up to a big event I was going to. Just a quick spoiler, the real-u products are amazing.

The three products I tried were:

  • Gentle Foaming Face Wash
  • Control+ Face Gel Serum
  • Lite Moisturiser

FullSizeRender 2

The Gentle Foaming Face Wash is excellent because it cleans the skin so well but it doesn’t leave it feeling dry or tight. In my honest opinion, this cleanser is one of the best I have used. It is soothing, does a really great job of keeping my skin clear and leaves my skin feeling nice and hydrated. This pH balanced cleanser erases all traces of my make up too. This cleanser is $15 for 100ml and I think it is a bargain because this product is such great quality.

The Control+ Face Gel Serum is the treatment for non-teenage skin or those that have more problematic skin, which is appropriate for me as I am now in my 20s (scary much?). This product did an incredible job at clearing my congested pores and keeping my skin looking so radiant and fresh! I love this stuff so much. I don’t know exactly how it is so gentle yet powerful enough to clear pimples and congestion fast, but I guess that’s what makes real-u so unique. I apply this product all over my face underneath my moisturiser, although you can just apply it to problem areas such as the T-zone or directly onto pimples. This product is $50 for 100ml and I also think this is worth the price – you only need a small amount of this product so the tube would last a very long time. This product is also available in a mini tube for $5 and in a 50ml tube for $30.

The Lite Moisturiser was another winner for me. It is described as a light moisturiser and I think it is as it doesn’t cause the skin to become oily, however the consistency feels a little thick. I read reviews that some people would prefer the consistency to be a little more ‘lightweight’, however I loved the fact that this moisturiser is a bit thicker! This product isn’t at all greasy and it soaks into your skin straight away. I think real-u hit the nail on the head here because a lot of acne ranges don’t moisturise the skin enough which causes the skin to produce more oil and therefore more acne. By using a really hydrating moisturiser you are replenishing the skin with the nutrients it needs and it therefore doesn’t have to work overtime to produce oil that leads to your breakouts. This product is $20 for 100ml, which is again great value. The smallest amount covers your entire face, so this would also last a very long time!

Overall, the real-u products kept my skin super clear and extremely soft. I’m not sure how they do it, but my face feels like a newborn baby when I use these products. I purposely didn’t tell people that I was trying a new skincare brand to see if they saw a change in my complexion, and sure enough they did. I received so many compliments from family and friends saying how great my skin was looking! If you are after a gentle range to clear up your skin, give real-u a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Have you tried this range before?

G xx


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