MAC Masterclass with Carol Mackie

I’m always intrigued to hear other people’s favourite make up products and tips and tricks. Especially when it comes from Australia’s MAC Cosmetics Senior Make Up Artist, Carol Mackie. I was lucky enough to speak to Carol after the class, and she is such a lovely lady – she had just returned from Fashion Week in Paris and Milan!

The MAC Cosmetics store on James St, Brisbane.
The MAC Cosmetics store on James St, Brisbane.

I learnt so much from Carol and wanted to share with you some of my favourite tips from her.

Carol Mackie in action.
Carol Mackie in action.

Brushes are simply a tool

Carol taught me that our make up brushes don’t have just one purpose. During the Masterclass, she used an eye shadow brush to apply concealer and foundation in certain areas.

Skin is a priority

Once you have a good skincare routine downpat you will find that you will need far less make up. A good base means your make up will apply better also.

Go light on the foundation

Carol said it’s better to apply foundation lightly then go back in with concealer afterwards. Do this instead of applying several layers of heavy foundation.

Products have way more than one use

Similarly to Carol’s brush trick, you can use make up in so many different ways. She used a MAC Paint Pot (which is typically used as an eye shadow base) as a cream contour!

Blink, blink, blink

Instead of trying to line your top waterline with eyeliner, simply pack some kohl onto your bottom waterline, squeeze your eyes shut and blink.

Wipe before you swipe

Before you apply your powder blush or contour, gently wipe some of the product onto a tissue. This prevents the make up going on too heavy and looking ridiculous. Doing this allows you to gently build up to a seamless look.

The two-out-of-three rule 

Don’t go overboard with your make up. Pick two features to focus on and tone down the third. For example, if you want glowing skin and a shimmery eye, wear a matte lip. Or if you want matte skin, go for a shimmery eye and glossy lip.

Model Nicole with gorgeous, glowing skin.
Model Nicole with gorgeous, glowing skin.

What is your favourite make up tip or trick?

Love, Gracie


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