Staying In On Halloween

This year I have decided to stay in on Halloween. I have been so busy with assignments and exams lately that I feel like I need to spend a weekend at home doing as least as possible. What better night than Halloween, right? I am of course planning on doing Halloween-y inspired things on the night of October 31st.

Spiced Pumpkin bubble bar from Lush Cosmetics.

Taking a bath with a Spiced Pumpkin bubble bar

I can’t go past anything pumpkin or glittery. I am planning on running a warm bath and crumbling this spiced pumpkin glittery goodness under the tap to create a fluffy, bubbly bath. Having a bath is great to de-stress and unwind, especially when it’s festive.

Burning a Glasshouse Halloween candle

These limited edition Glasshouse candles give me life. No other brand in Australia makes festive candles quite like Glasshouse. This candle is so comforting and I just wish it was cold outside so I could snuggle up with a cup of tea while breathing in the pumpkin pie air.

Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers is such a bad-ass and is literally the coolest character to ever grace television screens. If you haven’t watched Buffy I highly recommend that you do! The episodes are so clever and link together very well. Unless you have watched it I can’t describe just how great it is! The show has romance, vampires, horror, humour, wit and attractive characters – what more could you want?

Listening to Lore podcasts

I am OBSESSED with Lore podcasts at the moment! If you are interested in scary stories that are actually true, you need to listen to Aaron Mahnke’s podcasts. Aaron talks about vampires, werewolves, and ghosts to name a few, and true stories that have happened in relation to these ‘myths’. Scary stuff.

Eating chocolate

It’s not Halloween without something sweet. I have been trying to cut down on artificial sugars buuut let’s face it, Halloween is a great excuse to splurge.

What are you doing for Halloween?

Love, Gracie


4 thoughts on “Staying In On Halloween

  1. Loving this, I’m staying in this year too, Halloween matures into something different as you get older. You tend to want to stay in with candles and spooky movies.

    The rule of eating so much candy that you can’t move without feeling sick still applies though 😉 xxx

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