Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour

Last Saturday I experienced Taylor Swift‘s 1989 World Tour. It was hands down the greatest experience of my life thus far… No kidding. I have seen Taylor live before at her RED Tour, but this show was completely out of this world.

Ash and myself before Taylor Swift.

I brought my best friend Ash along with me. Ash is one of those people that makes you feel better by just being around and she is always so energetic and happy. She is also a diehard Swiftie like myself! I love Taylor Swift because I feel like she is my friend, even though I have never met her. I can completely relate to every single one of her songs, and she can always express how I am feeling for me. When words fail me, there is always a Taylor song that helps me come to terms with my thoughts. I feel like we have gone through so much of the same thing, and I love how she picks herself up and gets on with life. She seems like the sweetest person and I would absolutely love to meet her one day.

When we walked into the stadium we were given a white bracelet as a ‘gift from Taylor’. This bracelet was controlled by the music and lit up and flashed certain colours for certain songs. I’m sure you can imagine that a stadium with 50,000 bracelets lit up would have looked incredible. I purchased my tickets the moment they went on sale last year, so I was lucky enough to be sitting on the floor right next to the ‘catwalk’ stage as I like to call it. I loved where my seat was because we could get up and dance and Taylor spent so much time performing exactly where I was sitting as opposed to the ‘main stage’. We were so close to Taylor that we made eye contact with her and could hear the beads on her costume clinking together!

I will never forget the anticipation when the show began; “Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you.” Pause. Darkness. “Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you.” The stage lights up. We finally see Queen Taylor wearing white Wayfarers staring out, surrounded by smoke.

Taylor singing ‘New Romantics’.

I loved every single song and was singing and dancing like crazy throughout the whole show (I feel really sorry for the lady next to me). For me, my top two highlights were when she sang ‘Bad Blood‘ and ‘Enchanted/Wildest Dreams‘. ‘Bad Blood’ had the craziest energy and was so badass! Ash and I were head banging throughout the whole song, it was fierce. ‘Enchanted’ is my all-time favourite Taylor song, so I lost it when she incorporated it into Wildest Dreams.

Taylor singing ‘Enchanted/Wildest Dreams’.

The entire 1989 production was incredible from start to finish. Taylor sounded exactly like her recordings, if not better – she is truly talented. You could also tell she has worked so hard on her dancing because her routines were flawless. I can’t even imagine how much time and energy would have gone into creating the routines, stage set up and special effects. Taylor’s make-up, hair and costumes were also absolutely divine. What I wouldn’t do to wear her sparkly leotards around for a day…

Taylor singing ‘Out Of The Woods’.
Taylor singing ‘Shake It Off’.
The finale.

Love, Gracie



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