Philosophy Skincare | Review

A few weeks before Christmas I noticed my skin was looking ‘blah’ and feeling ‘blah’, not to mention that some of my skincare was burning my face! I decided I wanted to use one brand rather than all different brands so I searched for hours on the internet for a range to use. I decided on trying out products from Philosophy as I had noticed a lot of the products featured on my Instagram feed recently. I normally buy full sized products as I have this crazy idea that the travel sizes aren’t as good as the full sizes which isn’t true, but anyway… This time I just purchased travel sized products because I do waste a lot of money buying full sized products that I don’t often completely finish

The Renewed Hope In a Jar day cream, Renewed Hope In a Jar night cream and Renewed Hope In a Jar Eye all came together in a Christmas gift set and I purchased a 90ml size of the Purity Cleanser to try as well.


So, how did the products stack up?

Purity Cleanser

There’s a reason why so many people rave about this product. I find the light scent extremely comforting and it cleans my skin so well without stripping it at all. It has helped to clear my skin up so well and leave it looking luminous. I think this cleanser leaves the skin feeling really balanced – it feels very clean but hydrated, there’s none of that ‘squeaky clean feeling’ business.

Renewed Hope In a Jar day cream

I actually used this a few years ago when the formula was different and I’m so glad Philosophy changed it. It used to have a weird mousse type texture that I didn’t like because it was hard to rub it into the skin. This cream is now so light and moisturising and doesn’t make me shiny at all throughout the day. It sinks straight into my skin and keeps it so nourished. I have started skipping primers during the day out of sheer laziness and this product keeps my makeup well intact.

Renewed Hope In a Jar night cream

I love, love, love this night cream. It is a thicker consistency than the day cream but it doesn’t feel ‘heavier’ as such on the skin. I think it has made such a difference to my overall complexion and skin texture and I always wake up with smooth and clear skin. To be honest it is one of the best moisturisers I have ever used.

Renewed Hope In a Jar Eye

This is another excellent Philosophy product that did not disappoint me. Similarly to the facial moisturisers it sinks straight in and deeply hydrates the delicate eye area. It also never irritates my sensitive eyes. It performs really well under my eye makeup and doesn’t cause it to crease or fade throughout the day.

My travel sized Philosophy products have almost run out, but I will definitely be repurchasing them as my skin is responding so well to the range. I think buying travel sized products is a great way to try out new skincare and I really wish I had done it sooner (I probably would have saved a lot of money and cupboard space over time!)

Love, Gracie


9 thoughts on “Philosophy Skincare | Review

  1. This post makes me want to run out and buy everything Philosophy! Their Purity 3 Step Facial Cleanser is the best I have ever used but i’ve never tried anything else of there’s. I’ll have to give them a go! The night cream sounds so lovely. Xx

    1. I highly recommend it! I was not at all disappointed with the products, they really exceeded my expectations! Let me know how they go for you 🙂 xx

  2. Such a great idea buying the smaller sized products!
    For skincare, I’m always worried about buying full size and if it doesn’t work for me.
    However I find Myer/DJs are pretty good with refunds/exchange, if you come back bc a product didn’t work.

    1. Thanks Loi!
      Oh really that’s great to know! I didn’t know they were good with returns, thanks for telling me 🙂

  3. I like to buy travel sizes to try products too, it may cost more per gram/ml but leads to less waste! I recently purchased the Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders Mini Collection from Sephora Aus online, i loved the Sheer Transformation moisturiser!

    1. Yes I do agree! I will have to take a look into Ole Henriksen as I have never tried that brand before!

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