Eyelash Boutique | Salon Review

Hands up if you want your eyes to be defined and natural looking without having to slave over them each morning? I know I do, which is why I trialled some eyelash extensions at Eyelash Boutique located on the Gold Coast, Australia.


When I entered the quirky boutique, I was greeted by Narelle who is the owner and one of the lash specialists. Narelle has over 10 years experience with eyelash extensions so she knows what she is on about. The way the boutique is decorated stood out to me particularly. It is the furthest thing from that uncomfortable, clinical type beauty salon I am used to experiencing. Instead it felt homely and comforting. My attention was immediately drawn to photographs of pugs on the wall upon entrance as I am obsessed with pugs.  When I asked Narelle about the quirky styling of the boutique, she said that people are so stressed in their everyday life so she wants people to feel like they can relax and have a giggle when the come in.

I booked in for a full set of eyelashes and requested that they look quite natural as opposed to long and dramatic. Eyelash Boutique caters to all preferences, so if long and dramatic is your thing they can help you out. Before beginning the application process Narelle took me through all of the options in regards to the type of lashes and lengths I could get. Eyelash Boutique offer synthetic lashes that are $85 for a full set or Faux Minx or Silk lashes for $130 for a full set. I opted for Faux Silk lashes as Narelle said they look and feel natural and light. The application process took one hour, but the time went by so quickly as Narelle and I chatted away the whole time. I was extremely happy with the end result as my lashes look super natural and feel so light! I have received so many compliments from my friends and family and they can’t believe that the lashes aren’t real! I was told that my eyelashes should last between 2-3 weeks before needing an infill. You will get more wear out of the lashes if you take good care of them and avoid playing with them. Makeup can still be worn, however I probably won’t wear it as the main purpose of lash extensions is to not have to apply eye makeup. My lash extensions have been saving me so much time in the morning as I don’t have to spend an eternity doing my eye makeup!

Narelle gave me some strict after care instructions to get the most out of my lashes:

  • Keep the lashes dry for the first 12 hours after application
  • Keep the lashes away from steam or heat for 48 hours
  • Only use oil free eye care products, medication and makeup
  • Do not rub or pull at the extensions
  • Keep the lashes clean
  • Be careful with how you sleep on the lashes

Eyelash Boutique not only does eyelash extensions, but also offers lash lifts, tints, and some other facial waxing services, including brows.

You can find Eyelash Boutique on Facebook here and on Instagram: @eyelashboutiquegc.

Love, Gracie


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