TiGi S-Factor Diamond Dreams | Review

I’m pretty fussy when it comes to haircare, which is why I don’t feature a great deal of it on my blog. I am always on the hunt for products that make my hair super shiny and hydrated without weighing it down. I also normally use high-end hair products as I find those in the supermarket just strip my hair and leave it feeling like straw. My blonde hair currently sits on my collarbone and has been through hell and back over the past few years. Although the ends are super dry, my roots are an oil slick. So, when I was sent the TiGi S-Factor Diamond Dreams Shampoo and Conditioner I was intrigued. I was most excited to try this shampoo and conditioner because when I was little my mum used the TiGi S-Factor range, so smelling the products brings back so many memories. The product smells sweet and a tad fruity, but the fragrance doesn’t smell overpowering and synthetic.


This product contains ingredients such as ‘crushed pearls’, ‘diamond dust’, and ‘beautifying oils’. What the range doesn’t contain though is sulphates, which is a bonus. I feel like the ingredients listed are a bit… I don’t know, ‘airy fairy’. For some reason I just don’t believe the products actually contain diamonds. Who knows, maybe they do contain real diamonds and I’m just a sceptic. Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed the products!

The brand claims that your hair will be up to 78% shinier when using the shampoo and conditioner together, and I have to say I did find this to be true. One thing I often complain about is how my hair never looks shiny. I have always wanted shiny hair and I even dyed it brunette at one point in hope it would make my hair look glossy and reflect light – crazy, I know.

Besides making my hair nice and glossy, my hair felt hydrated. I am trying to grow my hair out from a Lara Bingle style bob that I had cut back in October last year, so keeping my hair hydrated is absolutely essential. I have noticed that my hair has grown a lot recently, and I haven’t changed anything up in my routine apart from this haircare range. I haven’t eaten differently or taken any supplements, so perhaps this range has something to do with it.

Overall, I am really enjoying the TiGi S-Factor Diamond Dreams shampoo and conditioner. I think the products have definitely made my hair noticeably shinier and more hydrated!

Love, Gracie


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