Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub Review + Chit Chat

Life has been so hectic over this past week that I haven’t even had time to sit down and chat with you all. This week is the busiest week at Uni for me this semester, and I have major assessment due within the next few days for three out of my four subjects. So, as you can imagine I am practically running on caffeine! As I have been so busy I haven’t been eating properly which is why I think I got sick last week (and am still recovering!). Anyway, that is just a little glimpse into what is going on in my life currently. If you guys enjoy general chit chat style blog posts please comment below and I will start writing them more often.

Okay, onto my review of Soap and Glory’s Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub.


First point of order is Soap and Glory’s packaging. I love how it is so eye catching and pretty, and I love their play on words in the product names. I think it’s so quirky and what sets the brand apart from others out there. Another thing I love about Soap and Glory is that the products are reasonably priced (in my opinion anyway). Beauty products are super expensive in Australia, so I think Soap and Glory is one of the more affordable brands available in my favourite place to buy beauty products – Mecca.

The product smells so amazing and definitely reminds me of maple syrup. It contains ingredients such as organic cupuacu bio scrubs, banana, oat, sugar, shea, almond and honey extracts. I consider this product to be pretty low on the abrasive scale, so if you have sensitive skin that doesn’t like anything harsh then this is your scrub. In saying that, you can really work it into the skin and give your skin a thorough exfoliation – you have good control over it. It won’t remove all my fake tan as it isn’t abrasive enough, however it is nice for an everyday pamper and makes your skin feel clean and silky smooth.

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub is my second Soap and Glory scrub I have tried and I absolutely love it. The first one I tried was the Sugar Crush Body Scrub which was more abrasive, however I like the Breakfast Scrub scent more.

Love, Gracie


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