Primer Review Series | Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within

I have decided to do a series of primer reviews over the coming weeks. Prepping the skin properly is the most vital step in your makeup routine. It is important to always use the appropriate skincare and primer under your foundation to ensure it lasts and looks flawless.

The first cab off the rank is the Lit From Within Illuminating Primer from the Mecca Cosmetica Signature Line.


What’s so great about this primer? It truly does give you that gorgeous ‘lit from within’ look minus the 90s glitter. This pearlescent product makes your skin super radiant and supple and gives you that coveted supermodel glow. It is the perfect pick me up if you are feeling a little run down, or simply if you just love dewy skin. This clever product also deeply hydrates the skin, which means that foundation will apply smoother and more evenly. My skin has become a lot oiler lately due to hormonal changes although I haven’t found this product to make me look oily, just luminous. This primer contains no SPF, so you can be confident you won’t get flashback from it in photos.


Lit From Within can also be mixed into your foundation for a more low key look or you can pat it on the high points of your face for a little bit of strobing!

Love, Gracie


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