Being a NARSissist

If I could take three people to dinner it would be:

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Richard Branson
  3. Francois Nars

After a four month hiatus from writing, tonight NARS gave me that spark of inspiration that I was missing for so long, so I decided to put my fingers back to the keyboard. The question is, will there ever be a comeback as great as the Backstreet Boy’s? Who knows. The good thing about taking such a long break from blogging is that I have discovered SO many amazing new products that I could talk about for hours and hours – however, right now it’s time to focus on NARS. Mr Nars himself has well and truly set the bar for incredible cosmetics (and skincare for that matter).


Why is NARS so great? A few words that come to mind when people ask me is: pigment, longevity and quality. If I had to use only one makeup brand forever it would be NARS without a doubt. Picking a favourite NARS product is like picking a favourite child, but I have narrowed down a couple of standout products:

Sheer Glow Foundation

This is my ride or die. I might sometimes try other foundations, but I come back to this one every freaking time. It blends seamlessly into the skin and looks flawless. Sheer Glow also contains Turmeric, which is anti-inflammatory. Tip: use your fingers to apply it. Your fingers warm up the product better, plus I think it’s just easier to apply it that way.

Radiant Creamy Concealer

This is the perfect concealer for highlighting and enhancing your features. As the name suggests it is super creamy and easy to blend, making it perfect under the eye area. I’ve used up several of these and recently repurchased another tube. Although it has an illuminating effect I personally find it sits nicely over blemishes too.

Audacious Lipsticks

The Audacious Lipsticks are named after famous movie stars which is cool because when people ask what shade of lipstick I am wearing I can respond with things like, “Audrey”, “Liv”, “Grace”, and “Bette”. The pigment of these babies is unreal and they feel super smooth and creamy to apply.

The Dual Intensity range

This includes the eye shadows and blush. Hooley dooley, if you think the regular blushes and eye shadows are pigmented wait until you try these! The colours and finishes are unlike anything else out there and you can use them wet or dry depending on how intense you want the colour.

Monoi Body Glow II

The scent of this oil just makes me feel incredibly happy. I feel like it reminds me of a really happy time from when I was little, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The scent smells just like a tropical holiday and to make it even better, the flowers in the bottle are from the one and only Mr Nars’ island! Not only does it smell amazing but it is super hydrating and luxurious.


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