Byredo? Sorry, Baeredo*

Have you ever smelt something that instantly transported you to a specific time and place? Did it evoke some kind of precious memory or make you feel reminiscent of moments gone by? I have always been so fascinated with fragrance and how strong the connection is between smell and memory. I am a huge collector of fragrance and pride myself on being able to recognize the fragrance of those passing by me (I meant that in the non-creepiest way possible…)


I feel a huge connection to the Swedish brand Byredo, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why until I started doing some research on the brand.

The minimalistic packaging and gorgeous scents were obviously main contributors to my obsession, but I love the story behind the brand even more. Ben Gorham founded Byredo in 2006 after being so intrigued with smell and memory. What I really love about Byredo is that the name is short for “by redolence” which means ‘reminiscent of’. Could there BE a better name for a fragrance brand?!

I am slowly but surely building up my little Byredo family, with Bal D’Afrique being my latest addition. The fragrance is the perfect combination of citrus, floral and woody notes and is reminiscent of the clash between French and African culture in the 1920s.

The fresh and carefree scent of Gypsy Water is always a winner, and is guaranteed to grant compliments.

An absolute standout for me is the Tree House candle which is also Taylor Swift’s favourite scent (and we all know I love a bit of T Swiz). This candle smells like well, a tree house! It is super woody but has a base of leather, making it super sultry.

Byredo not only make fragrance and candles, but also body care. You’re guaranteed to turn noses when wearing something from this range.


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