I call Bullshit

Iiuvo’s candle collaboration with London artist Stefan Bruggemann is Bullshit. No, seriously – that’s the candle’s name.


As a self-proclaimed fragrance connoisseur, I was jumping out of my skin when I heard Iiuvo was launching in Australia at Mecca Cosmetica. Iiuvo was founded by Tomi Ahmed and Leo Gibbons who used to work for Comme des Garçons. What you’ll notice is how minimalistic the Iiuvo packaging is. Kind of reminds you of Byredo, huh? Well, it has actually been noted that the duo are inspired by Ben Gorman and Byredo. Ahmed and Gibbons also seek inspiration in “the poetry in everyday life”, how nice.

So, why call a candle ‘bullshit’ out of all things? Ahmed and Gibbons basically, um well, call bullshit on traditional ‘illusive’ and ‘nonsensical’ fragrance names. The website states Bullshit is the, “realisation of idle content that manifests in the no mans land between truth and invention.”

If you like super sultry, deep, woody scents that smell like a sexy man then this candle is right up your alley. It contains:

Top notes of: Sichuan pepper, grapefruit and tangerine

Core: lavender, rose and lily of the valley

Base: musk, Tonka bean, vanilla and guaiac wood

If you’re really into your fragrances you’ll probably notice that the candle reminds you of Comme des Garçon’s Floriental, which is another personal favourite of mine. (FYI Floriental is super woody and even though it’s a unisex fragrance is is definitely very masculine. In saying that, I wear it and it is one of my favourite scents of all time – Kanye style). Bullshit is one of those intoxicating scents that are highly addictive. The more you smell it, the more you want to smell it. Since it is limited edition, I am going to have to wait for the perfect moment to burn it because it is seriously that bloody good there’s no way I am going to waste it. If I could buy a million of these, I would. Bullshit is the shit.


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