Like Sands Through the Hourglass | Collaboration with The Maddie Edit

No, these are not the Days of Our Lives but something even better – a collaboration with my acquaintance* Maddie from The Maddie Edit. We are both huge, tell everyone about it fans of Hourglass and so we thought why the heck not collaborate on a post and share both of our favourites from the brand! (*When I say acquaintance what I really mean is best friend, roommate, lookalike and essentially my sister from another mister.)

Hourglass is a luxury brand with hardworking products to help you look like the best version of yourself, and lets be real who doesn’t want that? To read Maddie’s picks click here but keep scrolling down to read mine.


Ambient Lighting Palette

This has got to be one of the best products from Hourglass in my opinion. It contains three of their famous Ambient Lighting Powders that can be used as setting powders, subtle highlighters and bronzers. I normally mix the shades together and lightly dust them on my face to set my foundation and give my skin that J.Lo glow. The Hourglass powders are clever little things because they soften and diffuse light with Photoluminescent Technology.

Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick in Grace

Okay, perhaps I’m being a tad bias here because of the shade name but I do love the colour and texture of this lipstick. It’s the perfect light pink nude lipstick for me and the formula is beyond creamy and hydrating!

Mineral Veil Primer

If you haven’t tried this primer before drop your cup of tea (or vino) and run out now to grab it. Scratch that… just wait until the end of this post then run out to buy one. This primer is a miracle for oily skin and makes your makeup water resistant and transfer-proof – perfect for the disgustingly hot and humid Australian summer. This is also great for those nights out as it keeps your makeup on all night long. I’m ashamed to admit that I am living proof this primer will also keep your makeup on until morning…

Femme Nude Lip Stylo in No.6

Although not as creamy as the Crème Lipsticks, this range is still super moisturizing. This range contains six different nude lipsticks so if you haven’t found your perfect nude shade then check these out. The colours range from pink bases, brown bases and even peach bases – so there’s something for everyone.

Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Obscura

Have you ever laid eyes on anything quite like these eyeshadow palettes? Not only do they look stunning in the pan but they are also nice and creamy, pigmented and long lasting. There are seven shade colours to choose from but I particularly love the Obscura palette for its smokey bronze tones. Tip: the Obscura palette with the No.6 Femme Nude is a match made in heaven.

Vanish Stick Foundation Buffing Brush

I’m not much of a brush gal. They generally don’t impress me a great deal. I just like something that gets the job done so with that being said it’s obvious just how great this brush must be for it to be in this post. This brush makes foundation apply super smooth and even and because it is so dense it creates flawless coverage. It is well worth your pennies!

Ambient Lighting Bronzer

The Hourglass blush and bronzers are hand made in Italy so each marble pattern in the pan is slightly different. How fancy! If that isn’t enough to get you going then head to your local Mecca, or Hourglass stockist, and ask one of the lovely staff members to pop a bit on your face to see what all of the fuss is about.


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