Time to Glow Up | Edit

We all love a good glow up, am I right? Below are my picks for a complexion so radiant you will be seen from outer space.


Mecca Cosmetica Enlightenment Balm

You know how some cream products take off your foundation when you apply them over the top? Well this product sure as heck doesn’t do that which honestly surprised me due to previous experiences. It is addictive to apply it because it smells heavenly and feels so creamy and smooth. It is a lovely pearlescent shade that suits most complexions. Oily gals don’t fear – this wonder balm won’t slip and slide off your face.

MAC Strobe Cream

MAC was definitely ahead of the strobing game when they brought out their strobe cream back in the day. I like this product because it isn’t a one trick pony. Use it as a primer, highlighter, mix it in with your foundation or apply to your décolletage, shoulders or shins! Do what you damn well please.

Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser

Reap in the skincare benefits of this hydrating tinted moisturizer while sporting a natural glow. This Vitamin C and E rich product has the coverage of a light foundation as opposed to a tinted moisturizer, which I enjoy. It is the classic ‘my skin only better’ product.

Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere Anti-Aging Face Illuminator

This little number is nice to keep in your purse for freshen ups throughout the day. A little bit goes a long way so one tube would last you forever! This is another product that is nice to use on its own or mixed in with your foundation. The glow is real when this is mixed in with the Eve Tinted Moisturiser – just saying.

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

If you have dry skin or you are dry under the eye area this concealer is your new best friend. It is super hydrating, has full coverage and doesn’t crease as long as you don’t overdo it!


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