Sunday Riley Martian Toner | Review

Sunday Riley is a brand based that combines botanicals with science to create super products that actually work. One of Sunday Riley’s latest launches, Martian toner, recently hit Australian shores. Martian is designed for oily, acne-prone skin and since I am both, it had my immediate attention.


This unique gel to water toner is bright green in colour that resembles, well, a little Martian I suppose you could say. The product contains ingredients such as bentonite clay, marshmallow, manuka honey and witch hazel, which are perfect for congested skin.

I apply Martian to a cotton pad and sweep it over my face after cleansing and before serums and moisturizers. It has a lovely cooling effect on the skin, which is perfect for the Australian summer when your face is normally as red as a tomato when you step out of the bathroom. This toner has helped to dramatically reduce the amount of oils that seep through my pores during the day which leads me to say this – unless you are extremely oily or congested I don’t think this product is right for you. If you experience any dryness this is most likely going to make you feel tight and uncomfortable. Since this product has helped reduce my oil production I have found my makeup is lasting so much longer during the day and it no longer separates off my face!

If you are struggling with oily skin or breakouts then give Martian a whirl. I am loving using this product both morning and night and I can see a visible difference in my skin within a matter of weeks.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Riley Martian Toner | Review

    1. Thank you! Yes I use it both morning and night except for every third night when I use my exfoliating peel pads instead 🙂

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