Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection | Review

There’s nothing like a makeup collection that sends people into an absolute frenzy, right? The Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection has been one of the most sought after and hyped up products of last year. The whole Sweet Peach Collection finally launched in Australia last week so I had to see what the fuss was about.


The collection consists of a palette, a blush, oil lip glosses, and a highlighting palette. I wanted to grab everything in the collection but I restrained myself and just picked up the palette and gloss in the shade ‘Papa Don’t Peach’.

Sweet Peach Palette

This palette has honestly blown my mind and I have been enjoying it way more than I thought. Every shade is so pigmented and looks stunning on if I may say so myself. You can create really peachy looks with shades like ‘Just Peachy’ and ‘Candied Peach’ or you have the option to stick to more neutral tones. This has become an everyday essential. And yes, the palette smells just like fresh peaches!

Oil Lip Gloss

Holy smokes folks, I can’t tell you how much I love this product. Firstly, the glosses are a lot more pigmented than I thought – since they are an oil I thought they would be quite sheer. I don’t even have to wear a lip stick underneath this product because it gives enough colour payoff on its own. It has quite good longevity for a gloss and it tastes and smells divine. It would be a great product to wear when you’re kissing that special someone *wink*.

The hype over this collection is real and I think all the products completely deserve the attention. Just like all Too Faced products, the Sweet Peach Collection is amazing quality and I will definitely be grabbing more from the range.



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