Just Add Water | bkr

Have you ever seen celebrities carrying around those really cool glass drink bottles with pretty silicone covers? Chances are they are most likely a bkr glass water bottle. We all know that it is important to drink our 8 glasses of water each day, but sometimes this is difficult because water can be pretty boring let’s be real. bkr encourages you to drink lots of water each day thanks to its clever design.


bkr water bottles are all inspired by fashion, photography and contemporary art, making drinking water a breeze because they are super cute. These stylish drink bottles are designed so they are the perfect mouth size and easy enough to carry around in your handbag. bkr bottles are BPA free – who doesn’t want to be drinking out of a chemical free bottle?

Getting an adequate amount of water each day is super important for your skin and overall health. bkr bottles are an excellent motivation for drinking water and I carry mine with me everywhere! I am beginning to drive my friends insane with how much I speak about my bkr bottle, but they are life changing! I promise you won’t regret bringing a bkr into your life.


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