RMS Beauty | Review

So often I hear, “Ergh! I hate chemicals in regular makeup but I can’t find any luxe organic lines that work!” If that is you wailing to me then you’ve stopped at the right place because I have found a 100% organic makeup line that is:

  1. Good for your skin
  2. Has a decent product selection
  3. Has Miranda Kerr’s seal of approval

I could probably just stop at number 3 and you’d all most likely go running out to purchase the products but since I want to add in my own two cents I’ll ramble on a little while longer.

RMS Beauty is the champion of organic makeup. Founded by beautiful makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, this line has revolutionized the chemical-free makeup game. What we put on our skin soaks into the bloodstream, which is why I have always been mindful about what I do use. In recent months I was having some skin troubles of my own, so I switched to using some mineral makeup as well as RMS. What I really love about the brand is that it is powered by coconut oil or as I like to call it, the elixir of life. Coconut oil solves basically any problem you may have. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, super moisturizing and it literally heals the skin.



The products I have been using are:

  • Un-Cover Up in 11
  • Skin2Skin Foundation Brush
  • Magic Luminizer
  • Lip2Cheek in Spell
  • Makeup Remover Wipes

If you are looking for a product that will give you a ‘my skin only better’ look, try Un-Cover Up. Un-Cover Up is a foundation and concealer in one that gives light to medium coverage with a luminous natural finish. I find my skin just looks so healthy whenever I wear this product, and even though I am oily/acne prone the coconut oil doesn’t cause my skin to look greasy. Rose-Marie recommends applying Un-Cover Up with your fingers or the Skin2Skin brush – if I am applying all over I will use the brush but if I am using it to conceal small areas and under my eyes I opt for my fingers. Skin2Skin is actually designed to mimic the texture of your fingers, which is pretty cool. This product works nicely under the eye area, especially if you experience dryness and dehydration as the coconut oil is beautifully hydrating. I find Un-Cover Up has great longevity and can really fool people that you are wearing makeup as it looks super natural and radiant. The best part is that it not only looks great but it also contains the highest quality organic ingredients.

Magic Luminizer is a beautiful champagne-pearl highlighter which is also coconut oil based. It gives the skin a super natural iridescent glow – it doesn’t look like you are wearing highlighter, instead it looks like you have naturally beautiful glowing skin. I apply this before and after Un-Cover Up (or any other liquid base I am wearing that day). It is lovely to wear as a base for a powder highlighter too if you want your highlighter to be seen from outer space.

Lip2Cheek made it to my favourite nude lipsticks post here a while back and for a good reason. Every time I wear this product I get asked what lipstick I am wearing (no seriously, every time). It is a stunning cool toned nude that is so comfortable to wear and also doubles as a cheek colour. I love the formulation of these products and I am looking forward to testing out more colours.

The Makeup Remover Wipes melt your makeup off in a jiffy, so there are no excuses about not taking your makeup off before bed. Since they are obviously coconut oil based I find warming them up in your hands before use warms up the coconut oil for a more effective cleanse. They are safe to use on the eyes and lips too and are 100% eco friendly. I used to steer clear from makeup wipes because they tug at the skin and used to leave my face looking red and irritated but these wipes do nothing of the sort.

Get around RMS ladies and gents you won’t regret it.



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